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Kirkland Urban Mixed Use Development (previously Parkplace)

File No.: DRV15-01462 DRV15-00787, CAM14-02188 and PSN17-00093
Last updated 3/25/19

Project Location: 457 Central Way

Project Description
A new plan for a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development at Parkplace has been approved. The project required zoning text amendments to allow additional residential (including an affordable housing requirement); incentives for a movie theater; and a bank drive thru facility. Amendments to the Master Plan and Design Guidelines for Parkplace were also necessary (see updated Master Plan & Design Guidelines below), as well as revisions to the Planned Action Ordinance (PAO).  All amendments were approved by the City Council on February 17, 2015.

January 15, 2019 - Ordinance O-4677 was adopted by the City Council.  The ordinance approved the following major modifications to the Parkplace (Kirkland Urban) Master Plan.
1.      Increase in building square footage from 1,175,000 sf to 1,315,000 sf, including:
           a. An increase in office square footage from 620,000 sf to 744,655 sf
           b. An increase in the retail/fitness/entertainment category from 203,000 sf to 218,345 sf
2.      A reduction in the total number of residential units from 380 to 367

January 9, 2019 SEPA Addendum (PDF 906KB) - Modification to Parkplace (Kirkland Urban) Master Plan

On March 14, 2018 the Kirkland Urban Master Sign Plan was approved, File no PLN17-00093 (pdf 4.1mb). For questions, contact Scott Guter, Senior Planner at (425) 587-3247.

The applicant is requesting two modifications to the project Master Plan.
1.     An increase in the number of proposed residential units from 300 units to 380 units, and from 300,000 square feet to 352,000 square feet.  The overall project square footage of 1,175,000 gross square feet will remain the same.
2.     A reconfiguration of the internal street grid on the east side of the development since the drive-through bank is no longer proposed. 

The modifications were reviewed and recommended to the City Council by the Planning Commission on August 24, 2017.  The meeting agenda and packet are now available to view online.

The modifications are expected to go to the City Council with the Planning Commission's recommendation on September 19, 2017.

Construction on Phase One of Kirkland Urban began March 21, 2016. Read the news release about construction and future improvements to Peter Kirk Park.


The Parkplace project began Design Review with a Conceptual Design Conference (CDC) on June 15, 2015. The staff letter summarizing that Conference is attached here (pdf 119k).  The Parkplace Master Plan and Design Guidelines (pdf-4.7mb) are used by the Design Review Board in their review of the project.  See the Design Review Board webpage for the information packets for the June 15, 2015 CDC and the Design Response Conference (DRC) meetings that began on August 17, 2015.

Following a public hearing on Feb. 17, 2015, the Kirkland City Council unanimously adopted three ordinances that approve amendments to the environmental planned action ordinance, zoning code, and master plan and design guidelines related to the revitalization of Kirkland Parkplace.

  • O-4473 - Parkplace Planned Action Ordinance (effective 2/28/15)
  • O-4474 - Parkplace Zoning Text for CBD 5A (effective 2/28/15)
  • O-4475 - Parkplace Municipal Code, Master Plan, and Design Guidelines (effective 2/28/15)

Environmental Review
Addendum Documents:
- SEPA Addendum (PDF 4.5MB)
- Appendices (PDF 753kb)

Supplemental Information Relating to Mixed Use Developments:

- Information from MRSC (PDF 212kb)
- Information from Parkplace Applicant (PDF 5MB)

Project Details

The proposed project will have a maximum 1,175,000 sf, which is considerably less than the 1.8 million in the previous Touchstone proposal. The estimated square footage for the new project includes:

  • 650,000 sf of office
  • 225,000 sf of commercial space (155,000 sf of general retail, including a relocated & enlarged 54,000 sf of grocery, 53,000 sf of restaurant space and 48,000 sf of other retail); 40,000 sf for a movie theatre; and 30,000 sf for a health club).
  • 300,000 sf of multi-family residential space (maximum 300 dwelling units). The Touchstone proposal did not include residential, but did have a hotel.

If you have questions or input, contact Scott Guter, Senior Planner, at (425)587-3247 or
Phase One will include enhancements to Peter Kirk Park. See drawing. For questions about Peter Kirk Park, contact Mary Gardocki, Park Planning and Development Manager at (425) 587-3311 or at

For businesses interested in locating to Kirkland Urban should contact Lorrie McKay, Intergovernmental Relations and Economic Development Manager at (425) 587-3009 or at

Below is the information for the Parkplace Development that concluded in 2011.

File Numbers:
- ZON07-00016 (Parkplace Comprehensive Plan Amendment)
- DRC09-00002 (Design Review)

The Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code updates for the Touchstone (Parkplace) project were approved by the City Council in December of 2008. A Master Plan and Design Guidelines for the Parkplace project were also adopted at that time. The 1.8 million square foot mixed use project received Design Review Board approval on December 13, 2010. It includes approximately 1.2 million square feet of office space and an additional 300,000 square feet of retail. Other uses include a hotel and athletic club.

The Design Review Board decision was appealed. The Hearing Examiner held a public hearing on the appeal on Thursday 3/24/2011 and it was continued to 3/28/2011. The Hearing Examiner affirmed the decision of the Design Review Board for approval of the Touchstone (Parkplace) project.

The approved Master Plan established the approximate building and open space locations, access points and grid for the internal road system. The zoning specifies building heights, setbacks and other development parameters. The Design Review Board has worked with the applicant on the design of the buildings and open spaces. The approved Design Guidelines for Parkplace were used by the Design Review Board to guide the process.

The City issued a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on August 16, 2010 to augment environmental work already done through the 2008 EIS process. Links to the draft and final Supplemental EIS are included above.

The City Council used the Supplemental EIS to provide information for their final determination to reaffirm the adopted Ordinances relating to Comprehensive Plan and Zoning changes for Parkplace (Ordinance #4170 and #4171 originally adopted in December 2008). The Council considered this question along with amendments to the Transportation and Capital Facilities elements of the Comprehensive Plan at their regular meeting on 9/21/2010. For more information see the Council webpage for the staff memo and attachments relating to Parkplace.

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