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Orcas Moon Subdivision

File No.:  SUB16-02267, SAR16-03056, SEP16-02269 and HSG16-03057

Project Description
The applicant is seeking approval of the following:
  • Subdivide the property to build 15 Cottage Homes in two clusters on the site, accessing from 20th Ave NE in the Juanita Neighborhood. The application also includes a lot line alteration to reconfigure the two existing lots. The new configuration creates one smaller lot fronting on Forbes Creek Drive, and one large lot, which will contain the cottage project.
  • Buffer Modification of a Type II wetland buffer, and four Class B streams. There are 5 separate streams and 4 wetlands on or very near the site and some areas classified as landslide hazard by the City's landslide hazard maps. The applicant seeks to reduce the buffers from one wetland and two streams, and proposes to enhance the remaining buffers to achieve no net loss of buffer functions.
  • A public pedestrian path will extend from the 20th Ave NE through the site to Forbes Creek Drive.
Project Process and Timing

  • Process: IIA Subdivision/Cottage Development/Buffer Modification
  • This project is currently in review for code compliance and is expected to have official public notice begin at the end of September.
  • The public notice period will last for 18 calendar days. After the public comment period, an open record hearing will be held by the City’s Hearing Examiner.
  • After staff analysis, the Planning Director will make a recommendation to the Hearing Examiner who will make the decision on the application within 4 days. The Hearing Examiner’s decision can be appealed by anyone who submitted written or oral testimony. The appeal would be heard by the City Council who would then make the final decision. If the project is not appealed, the Hearing Examiner’s decision would be the final decision. This project is expected to take 6 months to a year from the date of public notice for a final decision.

Planning & Building Department
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