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Northwest University Master Plan Zoning Permit

Northwest University Master Plan, File No. ZON16-02063

Project Location

Northwest University Campus, 108th Avenue Northeast between NE 53rd and NE 59th Streets

Project Description

Request for approval of a 20 year Master Plan for the Northwest University Campus. Elements of the Master Plan include:

1. Complete Revision to the proposed buildings, additions and campus improvements, totaling 364,910 gross square feet of net new construction. The improvements proposed are summarized below. While the improvements are characterized as ‘phases’, the order in which improvements are actually undertaken may vary from the proposed order and dates presented in the master plan submittal.

  • Phase 1: New 6-Court Indoor Tennis Center, including new parking garages below.
  • Phase 2: New Gymnasium Pavilion replacing the existing Pavilion, including new parking garage below.
  • Phase 3: New Welcome Center replacing the existing Pecota Center building, including new parking  garage below.
  • Phase 4: New 300 bed Residence Hall.
  • Phase 5: Athletic Field Improvements including new AstroTurf and lighting with New Field House and bleachers at the athletic fields.
  • Phase 6:  Additions to the Chapel.
  • Phase 7: New Fitness Center, including new parking garage below.
  • Phase 8a: Ness Academic Center, replace Fee Hall.
  • Phase 8b: Ness Academic Center, replace Williams & Rice Hall.
  • Phase 8c: Ness Academic Center, replace Bronson Hall.

2. New shared use of the athletic fields allowing for public access to this currently restricted campus amenity. Shared use of the athletic fields is proposed to be regulated by a field use policy as detailed in the Shared Use of Athletic Fields on page 37 of the Project Narrative.

3. Reduced setback and planting buffer requirements to 10’ along shared property lines with the Puget Sound Adventist Academy. All other setback and planting buffer requirements shall remain unchanged at 30’.

4. Alteration of campus access onto NE 53rd by realigning 111th Way NE to the East to accommodate the proposed Tennis Center.

5. Modifications to height limits above Average Building Elevation (ABE).
6. Revision to proposed traffic patterns and traffic plan. See the Traffic Impact Analysis. 

7. Provide a net gain of 250-350 parking stalls through development of parking garages under proposed new structures and surface parking lots. 

8. Clarify FTE cap of 1,200 to mean 1,200 maximum on-campus resident students allowing for total enrollment growth that excludes students and programs not located within the PLA-1 zone, online programs, off-campus church partnership programs, commuter students and evening and weekend programs.
Additional details provided in Project Narrative and Plans.

Preliminary Project Timeline

Please note that these timelines are very preliminary and will likely change

December 2017 or January 2018: Environmental (SEPA) Determination Issuance

February 2018: Joint Public Hearing before Houghton Community Council and Hearing examiner, Recommendation to City Council

March 2018: City Council Consideration and Decision

April 2018: Houghton Community Council Consideration and Decision


Project Planner:
Tony Leavitt, Senior Planner
(425) 587-3253

Planning & Building Department
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries:
Building Questions
Planning Questions
T. 425.587.3600 | F. 425.587.3232