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Planning Public Notices

The City appreciates the interest of the public and values their comments during all public processes. We regularly give notice of development, hearings and decisions. Notices are issued in advance of public meetings and include the date, meeting place and time. A number of notices before the city council, planning commission, Houghton community council, design review board and hearing examiner are often published at least once in the city’s official newspaper, distributed by mail and/or posted on the city’s website.

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Fitzgerald Short Plat - SUB18-00585
North Rose Hill Neighborhood
(PDF 158kb - Posted 11/9/18)

McGregor Forbes Lake - SAR18-00485
North Rose Hill Neighborhood
(PDF 169kb - Posted 11/2/18)

BDR Kirkland X Short Plat - SUB18-00492
Norkirk Neighborhood
(PDF 153kb - Posted 11/2/18)

Wedeking Short Plat - SUB18-00188
Highlands Neighborhood
(PDF 159kb - Posted 10/26/18)

Slater Street Short Plat - SUB18-00562
Everest Neighborhood
(PDF 164kb - Posted 10/26/18)

Azimi Short Plat - SUB18-00480 & SHR18-00570
Finn Hill Neighborhood
(PDF 154kb - Posted 10/19/18)

Collins Short Plat - SUB18-00382
Juanita Neighborhood
(PDF 241kb - Posted 10/16/18)


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