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Temporary Signs and Off-Site Directional Sign Code Amendments

File No.: CAM17-00419
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Project Description

In recent years, the display of illegal temporary signs in Kirkland has increased and more residents are calling for stricter code enforcement. Staff is asking the Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council whether changes are needed to better meet business needs while minimizing sign clutter.

Existing City regulations pertaining to temporary signs can be found online (KZC 100.115). The most common violations are regarding the following types of prohibited signs (KZC 100.85):

- Portable signs (for example sandwich board or A-frame signs);

- Signs in street medians;
- Balloons, wind-activated devices, banners, and flag signs; Signs placed on sidewalks or locations that block vehicle sight lines;
- Signs displayed off-site are not allowed, except for off-site signs associated with properties for sale or rent which are only allowed when the property is open for public viewing and are limited to one sign per block within one quarter mile of the property for sale or rent; and
- Temporary signs in nonresidential zones are required to be non-illuminated and made of cloth, paper, cardboard or similar lightweight material, must be attached to the face of a building, wall or fence and may be displayed only during the time of the use event or condition being advertised, but in no case for more than 60 days.

Questions? Contact:
Questions regarding current temporary sign regulations may be directed to an Assistant Planner at or (425) 587-3600.
Questions regarding potential code amendments, contact Jon Regala, Planning Supervisor at or (425) 587-3255.​

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