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North Rose Hill - South Rose Hill - Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan and NE 85th Street Subarea Plan Update

2019 Code Amendments

In 2019, public meetings are scheduled to consider amendments to implement the adopted Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan policies:
-February 28, 2019 7:00 pm Planning Commission study session
-March 28, 2019 7:00 pm Planning Commission Public Hearing
-April 16, 2019 7:30 pm City Council Adoption (tentative)

See Planning Commission webpage for meeting materials.
Proposed amendments include:

  • Comprehensive Plan Land Use and Zoning Maps to reclassify properties located at 8519, 8523, 8525, 8527 126th Ave NE from Low Density Residential six dwelling units per acre to Rose Hill Business District RH5B zone 
  • Code Amendments- Rose Hill Business District  Zones:
    • RH5B zone: for the four properties described above to allow detached, attached or stacked medium density residential at twelve dwelling units per acre or limited commercial development depending on location of properties
    • RH3, RH5A, RH5B, RH7, RH8 zones: amend ground floor use/street level requirements for consistency with other commercial zones. The City has created a video that explains the benefits of street level floor requirements.
    • RH3 zone: increase lot coverage from 80% to 100% and increase building height by 8 ft. to a maximum building height of 75 ft. for development more than 6 acres
  • Miscellaneous Zoning Code Amendments:
    • PLA 14 zone to allow market rate, affordable, residential suites or dormitory residential uses and other requirements with future expansion of the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT) campus master plan
    • Replace text references to NE 85th St Subarea Plan with Rose Hill Business District (RHBD) or new Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan

Adoption of Neighborhood Plans
On December 11, 2018, City Council adopted Ordinance O-4670 approving the Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan and O-4669 approving the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan. On January 28, 2019, the Houghton Community Council took final action on the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan. The adopted Neighborhood Plans in the new format are available  in the "Important Information" box to the right or in the Comprehensive Plan.

Neighborhood Plan Update Process
The process for updating the North Rose Hill, South Rose Hill, NE 85th Street Subarea and Bridle Trails neighborhood plans was combined into one public involvement process.  North and South Rose Hill neighborhood plans and the NE 85th Street Subarea plan were combined into one Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan. The Bridle Trails neighborhood plan remains a stand-alone Plan.

For Neighborhood Planning frame work process, link to Neighborhood Planning web pageWorking groups (PDF 9.5KB) made up of representatives from each neighborhood worked with City staff to help identify issues, resolve technical issues, and jointly draft the plans. A robust public involvement process was used to develop the plans. 

Past study session information can be found on the Planning Commission web page for meeting dates.

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