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Rodney Rutherford

Term expires: 3/31/2020

About Rodney Rutherford:

Rodney Rutherford Planning Commissioner October 2019

Rodney Rutherford joined the planning commission in October 2019. He has resided in Kirkland’s Rose Hill with his wife and two kids since 2008, and has always lived within four miles of Lake Washington.

Rodney loves to learn how we can enable small incremental changes in every neighborhood to address the multi-faceted challenges of our city. Since moving to Rose Hill, he has served on his neighborhood association board for eight years, represented neighborhoods on Kirkland’s Housing Strategy Plan Advisory Group in 2017, and influenced the update of neighborhood plans in 2018. While living in Seattle in the mid-2000s, struck by the frustrations of commuters stuck in traffic, he previously volunteered on projects that would ensure easier mobility for all, most notably serving with the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

Rodney volunteers as a weekly host at the Safe Parking Program in his neighborhood, providing homeless women and families a safe place to sleep in their cars, since 2013. This experience has inspired him to raise awareness of housing models that can better meet the changing needs of our community. To this end, Rodney co-founded Liveable Kirkland to collaboratively envision places for everyone in our community, while also advancing the sustainability and quality of our neighborhoods.

Rodney has worked at Google Kirkland as a systems engineer since 2007. Outside work, Rodney loves to learn about the systems that shape our community. To deepen his knowledge and broaden his perspective, he reads the works of authors such as Jeff Speck, Jane Jacobs, Alain Bertaud, and Andrew Heben, as well as research from organizations like Sightline Institute and Strong Towns.

Commissioner Rutherford can be reached at

Planning & Building Department
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

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