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Sharing Program Guide

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The City of Kirkland’s Sharing Program (also known as the Donations Program) provides opportunity for the community to enhance and support Kirkland’s park system through a financial donation. Donations can be made towards the purchase of a new bench or table, refurbishment of an existing bench or table, towards Park Recreation and Community program needs, for public art, infrastructure, plants, trees, viewfinders, for general park maintenance, etc. Donations can be made to commemorate a loved one, to celebrate an event, to provide for someone else in need, or simply as a way to give back to the community. These guidelines provide information specific to benches and tables. To discuss other ideas or ways to donate to the City of Kirkland Parks and Community Services Department, please contact Parks Coordinator, Nicci Osborn, at 425.587.3342 or at  Thank you for your generosity and for considering City of Kirkland parks for your donation.

Prices of Benches and Tables
The City of Kirkland’s park system contains many different styles of benches and tables. The price range for a table is $1750 to $3700. Bench prices range from $1600 to $3500. The price of a bench/table includes the purchase of a new bench or the refurbishment of an existing bench, an initial bronze plaque, installation, and 15 years of routine maintenance and repairs. The price of a new bench/table or a refurbished bench/table is the same. Refurbishment of an existing table or bench is done at the time of the donation or when next necessary. Refurbishment includes the replacement of the back and seat of the bench (or the top and seating area of a table) and installation of the initial plaque. Purchase, installation, maintenance, repairs, and plaques are provided by the City of Kirkland Parks and Community Services Department. Prices are reviewed annually. A price sheet is available below.

Contributions must be made in full at the time of the request. The donation process formally begins once the entire donation amount is received. Locations are not held without full payment received. Cash or checks are accepted. Credit cards are not. Checks can be made payable to the City of Kirkland and be attached to the Sharing Program Donation form.

The bench/table shall vest with the City and the City may remove, relocate and shall otherwise have sole control over the item.

The City of Kirkland is a municipal organization. Donations may be tax-deductible. Contact the IRS or a tax advisor for confirmation.

Multiple Donors
If several individuals are collectively making a donation, a single point person is necessary to serve as the primary contact and decision maker for the account. Checks can be individually submitted and individual receipts can be provided. If less than the price of a bench or table is received, options for the collected amount can be discussed with the donors’ primary contact. If more than the price of an item is received, the additional funds will be applied towards general park maintenance.  The primary contact is responsible for plaque content as well.

How to Choose a Park for a Bench or Table
The City of Kirkland has more than fifty beautiful parks and open spaces. A complete list of all Kirkland parks is available at the Online Parks Guide. This page is a useful tool for individuals in search of a list and map of all parks the City has to offer. Many popular Kirkland park locations have received community gifts for decades. Due to the generosity of donors, some parks have reached their limit of benches and tables and are therefore unavailable to receive additional bench or table donations. For a current list of parks which are full, please see below.  Once you’ve determined your park(s) of interest, please review the Sharing Program Bench and Table Price Sheet (below). The next step is to confirm bench/table availability at your park(s) of interest. To confirm availability, please contact Parks Coordinator, Nicci Osborn at 425.587.3342 or at Please provide a list of up to three parks with your initial inquiry. Personal site visits to your parks of interest are strongly recommended.

How to Choose a Location within a Park for a Bench or Table
Often existing benches and tables within a park which do not already have a plaque on them are available to donate. A current list of available benches and tables options within a park can be provided upon request. To check current inventory within a specific park, please contact Parks Coordinator, Nicci Osborn at 425.587.3342 or at Please provide a maximum of three parks with your initial inquiry.

If an existing bench or table is not available to donate, a new bench or table may be an alternative. The design for a park is created through a public process from which community input and professional expertise creates an overall blueprint. This blueprint is called a Park Master Plan. When an inquiry to donate a new bench or new table is received, the Park Master Plan is referred to. It identifies the layout of the park, what buildings/amenities it will house, infrastructure, playgrounds, plants, etc., and includes the style, number, and locations of benches and tables.  Specific amenity styles, including handicap accessible tables, are predetermined by the Master Plan and will be considered when contemplating a donation request.

If a park does not have a Master Plan for staff to consult, a donor can propose a specific location within a park, or, upon request, an on-site meeting with City staff can be arranged to discuss potential options. Staff will consider if an amenity will enhance a park, sustain recreation and open space, and if the location will retain efficiency of park operations. The community, Kirkland Park Board, and City Council feedback are also considered. Every effort will be made to honor a Donor’s desired style and placement, however ultimately the final decision is made by the Parks and Community Services Department.

Bench, Table and Plaque Design
Bench and table styles are predetermined and specific for each park. Information about a specific park’s bench/table style is sampled within the Sharing Program Bench and Table Price Sheet (below). For parks not listed within the price sheet, required styles and prices are available upon request.

A single bronze plaque, measuring approximately 2” in height by 7” in length, is included in the price of a donation for a bench or table. Plaques are furnished by the City, with the content proposed by the donor. The plaque is most often mounted on the backrest of a bench or in the middle of a table. Plaques can contain up to five lines of text, however three or less lines are recommended, as three lines or less are easier to read. Plaque font style is SMALL CAPS and TIMES NEW ROMAN. A standard line border surrounding the plaque is included in the design. Plaque content is encouraged to be positive and is subject to review and approval by City staff. Spelling and content accuracy are the responsibility of the donor. The plaque process includes opportunity for proof reading by the donor.  Provide plaque content at the time of placing a donation by filling in the appropriate section of the donation form.

Only one plaque of a 2” x 7” size is allowed on each table and/or bench.

Upon request by the original donor, an existing plaque can be removed (by the City) and a new replacement plaque can be purchased by the donor through the City (and installed by the City). The cost of a new plaque would be the then current cost of a plaque. 

Donation Installation Timeline & Acknowledgment
A table or bench donation may take three to six months depending on receipt of materials, location needs, staff availability, and weather. Upon completion of a donated item, the donor is notified and a receipt is sent by mail. In an effort to publicly acknowledge donations, the City of Kirkland Park Board is informed of completed donations on a monthly basis within Kirkland’s Park Board Update and a list of the previous year’s donors is also compiled and published annually. The current annual donor list is provided below.

Maintenance and Duration of a Donation
All donated benches and tables are maintained on a routine basis by the City. Initial installation or refurbishment, routine maintenance, and park placement of a bench or table is guaranteed for a fifteen year period. After the fifteen year period, existence and/or maintenance is not guaranteed and the disposition of the gift is at the sole discretion of the City of Kirkland, however, the bench/table will not be resold and the plaque will not be removed by the City (unless requested by the donor)

Unfortunately vandalism can occur. Benches and tables are inspected annually. Sanding and staining is done biannually. Should extreme vandalism occur in-between routine maintenance, the Parks Department will make every effort to make the furnishing whole, or, if needed, will replace necessary elements. If the location of a particular bench or table is subject to a high level of vandalism, is found unsafe, or if a park enters a reconstruction phase, whenever possible the donor will be contacted and the item may then be moved to an alternative mutually agreed upon location.

Sometimes donors do move out of the Kirkland area and wish to take the donation plaque with them as they leave. Upon written request from the original donor, City of Kirkland staff can remove a plaque and provide it to the donor. The donated item would then be reinstated as vacant for others to have an opportunity to request to donate.

How To Donate
After reviewing the guidelines detailed above and confirming park/bench/table availability, complete the Sharing Program Donation Form, which can be found below. Follow the instructions provided on the form. Attach payment to the completed form and submit as instructed.

Thank you for considering Kirkland Parks for your donation!

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Sharing Program Overview

  • Review the Sharing Program Guidelines above.
  • Review the On-Line Parks Guide which provides a list of all City of Kirkland parks: Online Parks Guide
  • Review current prices via the Sharing Program Bench and Table Price Sheet below. 
  • Personally visit parks of interest. Make final decision about parks of interest (that are not full) and inquire for current inventory by contacting Parks Coordinator, Nicci Osborn, Initial inquires including a maximum of three different parks is preferred.
  • Consider plaque content.
  • Complete the order form, attach payment in full, and submit the form as instructed.
  • Expect to be contacted by the City within 10 business days or less from receipt of request.
  • The entire donation process, from receipt of the donation through to notification of installation, should be approximately three to six months. 

Sharing Program Donation Form
Sharing Program Bench and Table Price List

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