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David Brink Park Shoreline Renovation

Thank you for visiting the David Brink Park Shoreline Renovation online site. 

Brink Park Sign

View the final schematic design here.

Mary Gardocki
Park Planning & Development Manager 
Phone:(425) 587-3311

What: The City of Kirkland is renovating the David Brink Park shoreline to improve shoreline access, safety, habitat, and aesthetics. Portions of the shoreline bulkhead are in poor condition. Early this year, part of the southernmost bulkhead failed and fell in the water. 

Why is the project necessary? David Brink Park has 660 feet of Lake Washington shoreline providing access to the water, panoramic views, and important shoreline habitat. Recent structural engineering assessments have found that some of the shoreline structures, specifically some of the shoreline’s bulkheads, are in poor condition. Early this year, a portion of the southernmost bulkhead failed and fell in the water. A comprehensive renovation is needed to improve shoreline access, safety, habitat, and aesthetics.   

Why invest in the park? Located just south of downtown Kirkland and within the Moss Bay neighborhood, David Brink Park is a popular destination for Kirkland residents. It is used year-round for walking, picnicking, shoreline viewing, and fishing. A renovated shoreline will improve recreation and safety, and it provides an opportunity to improve shoreline habitat for migrating salmon.  

Why now? If not renovated, the shoreline structures will continue to deteriorate and could become a safety risk. The City has funding to design and construct a shoreline renovation project.

Where are we now? The City just started the design process in early 2019 and has collected existing site information (such as a site survey) and identified potential site opportunities and constraints. Including community feedback, a final schematic design is complete.

Now through June 2019: City engages in public outreach 
June 2019 through July 2019: Schematic design
July 2019 through May 2020: Design development and environmental permitting
TBD: Construction 

David Brink Park Oblique Aerial

Why Is the Project Necessary?

Located just south of downtown Kirkland and within the Moss Bay neighborhood, David Brink Park is a popular year-round destination for Kirkland residents. The park has 660 feet of Lake Washington shoreline and provides expansive views of the lake, Seattle skyline, and Olympic Mountains, as well as access to the water. Improvements have occurred intermittently over its history and there are portions of the shoreline bulkhead that are in poor condition. The park needs a comprehensive renovation to improve shoreline access, safety, habitat, and aesthetics. 

How is the City coordinating this project?
The Parks and Community Services Department is working alongside the Public Works Department and all permitting agencies to gather and evaluate site information, identify opportunities and constraints, facilitate public input, and create a schematic design. 

What are existing conditions of the shoreline? 
The link below provides a thorough review of the park’s shoreline condition, including technical evaluations of environmental and engineering considerations.

Existing Conditions 1Existing Conditions 2
Existing Conditions 3Existing Conditions 4
Existing Conditions 5
These photos show existing conditions at the shoreline.

The renovation project is an opportunity to consider new shoreline designs, such as pocket beaches and low shoreline vegetation in specific areas. This type of shoreline provides park visitors the chance to touch the water and offers improved habitat for migrating salmon. The sketches below illustrate opportunities for new pocket beaches at the north and south ends of the park. 

David Brink Park North Sketch

David Brink Park South Sketch
These images are sketches of pocket beaches that could be added to the North and South ends of the shoreline.

Shoreline Renovation Opportunities

  • Improve public safety.
  • Improve the Lake Washington shoreline and nearshore environment.
  • Incorporate the small pocket beaches that are naturally forming.
  • Support and improve recreational opportunities.
  • Preserve existing view corridors.

David Brink Park Construction Opportunities

Shoreline Renovation Constraints

  • Much of the existing structural bulkhead is failing.
  • The park is a narrow, sloped site.
  • The project is constrained by environmental regulations.

David Brink Park Construction Constraints

Project Schedule
What Has Already Taken Place?
Site topographic and boundary survey
Geotechnical testing
Structural assessment
Schematic Design

Where Are We Now?
Reviewing next steps: August 2019

What’s Next?
Park Board Meeting: Early June 2019
Schematic Design: June to July 2019
30% Design Development: July to August 2019
Environmental Permitting: August 2019 to April 2020
Final Design and Construction Permitting: TBD
Construction: TBD

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8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
123 5th Ave  Kirkland, WA 98033

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T. 425.587.3300 | F. 425.587.3303
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