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KYC Projects

The Kirkland Youth Council has been an active member of the Kirkland Community since 1996. We have completed several projects that have made a positive impact on the community and have given Kirkland teens opportunities and the recognition that they deserve.

Some of our projects include:

• Youth on Boards
• We've Got Issues
• RESPECT Booklet
• Teen Traffic Court
• Where To Care Guide
• Mini-Grant Program

Arrow The Kirkland Teen Center (PDF)

Teen Union BuildingThe concept of the Kirkland Teen Center or Teen Union Building resulted from the first Youth Summit KYC hosted. Teens overwhelming expressed their desire for a place to call their own. The Kirkland Youth Council took on this project not knowing how long it would take. After years of research, lobbing, and plain old persistence, the City Council approved the construction of a teen center in Peter Kirk Park. KYC members continued to be involved in the process. Youth met one on one with architects, interior designers, City officials to ensure that this facility was exactly what teens wanted. In June of 2001, the Kirkland Teen Center opened it’s doors. This state of the art facility features, a darkroom, café, music recording studio, art lab, stage, and more.  In June of 2002, the Teen Union Building was recognized as the Outstanding Recreation Facility by the Washington Recreation and Parks Association.

Classes, programs, concerts, and special events are offered year-round.  For more info, call (425)822-3088, or stop by 348 Kirkland Avenue in Peter Kirk Park.

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Arrow Youth on Boards

In the Fall of 1999, the City of Kirkland along with the City of Redmond and the Lake Washington School District participated in the Youth Developmental Assets survey. One of the results of the survey showed that teens felt that the community did not value them. In an effort to change this feeling, the Kirkland Youth Council proposed that there be specific youth positions on City Boards and Commissions. These positions would have the same voting privileges that the adult counterparts had. After a year of work with the City Council and the City Attorney, the Kirkland Youth Council was successful in adding these positions to the Park Board, Library Board, Human Services Board, Parking Advisory Board, Cultural Council and the Transportation Commission.

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Arrow RESPECT Booklet

KYC-Police Group PhotoThe Respect Booklet is the product of police and teens working together and communicating with one another about how their perspectives and experiences shape their reactions. This resource addresses many issues and questions that teens may have about the law and interactions that they might have with police.

Originally printed in 1996, the booklet was updated in 2003, 2009 and now in 2015. The year-long process to update the guide brought Kirkland Police Officers and Kirkland Youth Council members together to work side by side. Several meetings took place where both groups conversed and compared notes on situations they have encountered and had questions about. Out of these meetings came the topics that are included in the new version of the booklet; dating violence, parties, cell phone laws, harassment/bullying, on-line safety, and more. You can also download the document here. (PDF 20.6MB)

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Arrow Where to Care Guide to Volunteering for Eastside Teens

You've just found out that you have a ton of community service hours to earn...where do you start?  The "Where to Care Guide to Volunteering" is the key to finding the perfect volunteer position just for you!  This handy resource lists over 100 organizations interested in youth volunteers.  Each entry is listed based on area of interest, minimum age, time commitment, contact information, and more!

All students in Kirkland junior and senior highs were given their own copy of the guide during the 03-04 school year.  If you have not received your copy, you can download the Where to Care Guide or call (425)587-3323 and request that a guide be mailed to you.

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Arrow We’ve Got Issues

We've Got Issues LogoWe’ve Got Issues is a quarterly video project produced, scripted, and edited by teens for teens. The Kirkland Youth Council works in cooperation with the City Clerks Office to produce this program that airs five times a week on Channel 29 (Check airing schedule). Some of the topics that we have covered include, the new Teen Parties, Distracted Driving, Teen Suicide, and many more. We are always open for topic suggestions, so please let us know what issues you would like to see us cover. If you are interested in helping out with one of our shoots, please contact us!

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Arrow Teen Traffic Court 

Teen Traffic CourtThe Youth Council, in cooperation with Kirkland Municipal Court, run the bi-monthly Teen Traffic Court program. This program offers teens who are Kirkland residents the opportunity to be heard in front of a judge and jury of their peers. Once the assigned sentence is completed,the violation is 
taken off the student’s record. If you have received a traffic ticket from a Kirkland Police Officer and are interested in participating in Teen Traffic Court, call the Municipal Court house at (425)587-3160 or just stop by the Court located at 11740 NE 118th Street, Kirkland, WA  98034.

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Arrow Mini-Grant Program

The City of Kirkland is now offering a mini-grant program. The purpose of these grants is to provide short-term, limited funding for Kirkland youth and community groups for projects, activities, events, and training. Awards are typically between $100 and $750.  Members of the Kirkland Youth Council review the grants quarterly (around the 15th of January, April, and October). So if you have a school dance, community training, or special event coming up and are in need of some $$, call (425)587-3323 or contact us via email at rschubig@kirklandwa.govApplication is available in PDF format for Download.

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