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Past Planning & Economic Development Meetings

The links below host information from previous Planning & Economic Development Meetings.


Committee Date Agendas Packets Minutes
PED Committee  11/13/17  Agenda  N/A   Minutes (PDF 120kb)
PED Committee  09/11/17  Agenda  Packet   Minutes (PDF 129kb)
PED Committee
07/10/17 Agenda 
 Minutes (PDF 118 kb)
PED Committee  06/12/17  Agenda  N/A   Minutes (PDF 115 kb)
PED Committee  05/08/17  Agenda  Packet
 Minutes (PDF 157 kb)
PED Committee
04/10/17 Agenda
N/A  Minutes (PDF 15.8 kb)
PED Committee Rescheduled to:
Agenda  Packet   Minutes (PDF 15.5 kb)
PED Committee  02/13/17 Agenda
 Minutes (PDF 16.9 kb)
PED Committee  01/09/17  Agenda  N/A   Minutes (PDF 17.1 kb)


Committee Date Agendas Packets Minutes
PED Committee  12/12/16  Agenda  N/A   Minutes
PED Committee
11/14/16 Agenda
N/A  Minutes
PED Committee  10/10/16  Agenda  N/A   Minutes
PED Committee  09/12/16  Agenda  N/A   Minutes
PED Committee - Special Meeting  08/15/16  Agenda  N/A   Minutes
PED Committee  07/11/16  Agenda  N/A   Minutes
PED Committee  06/13/16  Agenda  Packet   Minutes
PED Committee  05/09/16  Agenda  Packet   Minutes
PED Committee - Special Meeting  04/21/16  Agenda
PED Committee  04/11/16  Agenda  Packet   Minutes
PED Committee  03/14/16  Agenda
N/A   Minutes
PED Committee 02/18/16 Agenda  Packet  Minutes
PED Committee 01/11/16 Agenda  Packet   Minutes

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