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City Council Chambers
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7:30 p.m. – Regular Meeting


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a.    To Review the Performance of a Public Employee



a.    Announcements

b.    Items from the Audience

c.    Petitions 


a.   2010 Eastside Month of Concern for the Hungry


a.    Approval of Minutes:    December 7, 2010

b.    Audit of Accounts: 
            Payroll $ 
            Bills     $

c.    General Correspondence

d.   Claims

(1)   Christine M. Rudolph, Trustee for Marjorie A. Ladson

e.   Award of Bids

f.    Acceptance of Public Improvements and Establishing Lien Period

(1)    North Kirkland Community Center Carpet Replacement Project

(2)    2010 Street Overlay Project

(3)    North Reservoir Rehabilitation/Repainting Project

g.    Approval of Agreements

(1)    Ratification of the 2010–2012 Police Support Staff Agreement

(2)    Resolution R-4857, Approving an Amendment to the Employment Agreement Between the Kirkland City Council and Kurt Triplett, its City Manager

h.    Other Items of Business

(1)    Resolution R-4858, Adopting the Board and Commission Appointment and Reappointment Policy

(2)    Code Enforcement Process Change and Code Consolidation:

a. Ordinance No. 4280 and its Summary, Relating to the Consolidation of Various City Code Enforcement Processes into a Single Uniform Process

b. Ordinance No. 4281 and its Summary, Relating to Zoning, Planning, and Land Use and Amending Portions of the Following Chapters of Ordinance 3719 as Amended, the Kirkland Zoning Ordinance: Chapter 1—Users Guide, Chapter 5—Definitions, Chapter 95—Tree Management and Required Landscaping, Chapter 115—Miscellaneous Use Development and Performance Standards, Chapter 117—Personal Wireless Facilities, Chapter 141—Shoreline Administration, Chapter 162—Nonconformance, Chapter 170 Code Enforcement

(3)    Ordinance No. 4282 and its Summary, Adopting the International Property Maintenance Code and Repealing the Uniform Housing Code, the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings and Title 9 of the Kirkland Municipal Code

(4)    Resolution R-4859, Approving Participation by the City in a Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement with the National Purchasing Partners and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Said Agreement on Behalf of the City of Kirkland

(5)    Ordinance No. 4283 and its Summary, Relating to Correcting Fees and Amending Sections 5.08.050 and 5.74.040 of the Kirkland Municipal Code

(6)    Resolution R-4860, Approving an Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Kirkland and the City of Redmond for Interim Sewer Service for St. George Coptic Orthodox Church

(7)    Ordinance No. 4284, Relating to Transportation and Park Impact Fees and Extending the Availability of Certain Impact Fee Deferals in Kirkland Municipal Code Sections 27.04.030(G) and 27.06.030(G)

(8)    Procurement Activities


a.    Lake Washington School District School Impact Fees:


(1) Ordinance No. 4285 and its Summary, Authorizing the Collection of Impact Fees for Schools and Adding Chapter 27.08 of the Kirkland Municipal Code


(2) Resolution R-4861, Approving an Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Kirkland and Lake Washington School District No. 414 for the Collection, Distribution and Expenditure of School Impact Fees


a.    Resolution R-4862, Approving a City of Kirkland Legislative Agenda to be Addressed to the 2011 Session of the State Legislature

b.    Miscellaneous Zoning/Municipal Code Amendments:

(1) Ordinance No. 4286 and its Summary, Relating to Zoning, Planning, and Land Use and Amending Portions of the Following Chapters of Ordinance 3719 as Amended, the Kirkland Zoning Ordinance: Chapter 5 – Definitions, Chapter 10 – Legal Effect/Applicability, Chapter 15 – Single-Family Residential (RS) Zones, Chapter 18 – Single-Family Residential a (RSA) Zones, Chapter 20 – Multifamily Residential (RM and RMA) Zones, Chapter 25 – Professional Office Residential (PR) and Professional Office Residential A (PRA) Zones, Chapter 27 – Professional Office (PO) Zones, Chapter 30 – Waterfront District (WD) Zones, Chapter 35 – Freeway Commercial (FC) Zones, Chapter 40 – Neighborhood Business (BN) Zones and Neighborhood Business A (BNA) Zones, Chapter 45 – Community Business (BC, BC 1 and BC 2) Zones, Chapter 47 – Community Business X (BCX) Zones, Chapter 48 – Light Industrial Technology (LIT) Zones, Chapter 49 – Park/Public Use (P) Zones, Chapter 50 – Central Business District (CBD) Zones, Chapter 51 – Market Street Corridor (MSC) Zones, Chapter 52 – Juanita Business District (JBD) Zones, Chapter 53 – Rose Hill Business District (RHBD) Zones, Chapter 54 – North Rose Hill Business District (NRHBD) Zones, Chapter 55 – Totem Lake (TL) Zones, Chapter 60 – Planned Areas (PLA), Chapter 100 – Signs, Chapter 105 – Parking Areas, Vehicle and Pedestrian Access, and Related Improvements, Chapter 112 – Affordable Housing Incentives – Multifamily, Chapter 115 – Miscellaneous Use Development and Performance Standards, Chapter 117 – Personal Wireless Service Facilities, Chapter 120 – Variances, Chapter 150 – Process llA, Chapter 155 – Process lll, Chapter 170 – Code Enforcement, Chapter 180 – Plates; and Amending Sections 22.32.050 and 22.04.030 of the Kirkland Municipal Code; and Approving a Summary Ordinance for Publication, File No. ZON10-00013

c.    Ordinance No. 4287, Adopting a New Chapter 5.75 of the Kirkland Municipal Code to Recover Certain Costs of Providing Emergency Medical Services Transport


a.    Green Codes Project

12.    REPORTS

  a.    City Council

(1)   Regional Issues  

  b.     City Manager

(1)    Calendar Update 



City Council
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