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July 7, 2020 Kirkland City Council Meeting

Virtual/City Council Chamber
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
5:30 p.m - Study Session
7:30 p.m - Regular Meeting 

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: In response to guidance from Public Health Seattle-King County, we encourage members of the community to implement social distancing as much as possible and in the interim use the following methods to interact at tonight's City Council meeting. 

The virtual meeting will be broadcast live on KGOV channel 21 and live-streamed on the City's website. Community members may also join the Zoom meeting via telephone by calling US: 877 853 5257 (Toll free) or 888 475 4499 (Toll free) using webinar ID 921 5122 6953 or via computer here with password 280119.

video icon blue   To View the Live Stream of the Meeting 

envelope icon blue   To Provide Public Comment in Advance of the Meeting by  (Subject to Council rules of procedure)

phone icon blue   To Provide Public Comment by Phone(425) 587-3090  (Subject to Council rules of procedure)

As always, the Kirkland City Council welcomes public involvement at its meetings and would like to encourage community members to take advantage of its available options for remote participation. Comments can be provided through Zoom, voicemail and email (all linked above). Voicemail and email comments must be provided by 3 p.m on Tuesday, July 7th. 

For the public hearing on Police and racial equality issues:

  • Up to one hour for public comment
  • Three minutes will be allowed per speaker (this may be limited to two minutes per speaker to allow for more people to make public comment)
  • There will not be a "three person per viewpoint" limitation for the public hearing

For issues that are not quasi-judicial or set for a public hearing:

  • Three minutes per comment, no more than three speakers per side of an issue
  • The City Manager will no longer read emails received by the City Councilmembers during the Council meeting. Emails that are submitted will be provided to, and read, by the City Council
  • Speakers will be prioritized in this order: (1) Zoom video; (2) Zoom Audio; (3) voicemail messages left with the City by 3 p.m on July 7th; and (4) email with attachments that include audio or video that can be displayed
For more information about the Kirkland City Council, please visit the Council webpage


Download the full City Council E-packet 30 MB(PDF)

To view the definitions of the Topics in the Order of Business click herelinks to external site

NOTICE: Several of the packet documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF Adobe PDF Icon Logo Tiny format. It is recommended you download Adobe Acrobat Readerlinks to external site (a free program) to view these. For more information or if you are having issues with the PDF files visit our PDF format help page




a. Police Strategic Plan Update

b. Use of Force Policy Update 

c. School Resource Office Report 



a. Announcements

b. Items from the Audience

c. Petitions

a. Safe, Inclusive and Welcoming Framework 
 (1) Resolution R-5434, Affirming Black Lives Matter and Approving the Framework for the Kirkland to Become a Safe, Inclusive and Welcoming Community Through Actions to Improve the Safety and Respect of Black People in Kirkland and Help End Structural Racism by Partnering with Those Most Affected 
a. COVID-19 Update 

a. Approval of Minutes:

(1) June 16, 2020

b. Audit of Accounts

c. General Correspondence

d.  Claims

(1) Claims for Damage 

e. Award of Bids

(1) Annual Street Preservation Program, 2020 Street Overlay Project 

 f. Acceptance of Public Improvements and Establishing Lien Period

 g. Approval of Agreements

 h. Other Items of Business

(1) School Safety Zone Camera Update

(2) August 2020 City Council Calendar Adjustment 

(3) May 2020 Sales Tax Report  

(4) Procurement Report  


a. State Shelter Expansion Grant

(1) Resolution R-5435, Supporting the King County Joint Application for Washington State Department of Commerce 2020 Shelter Grant Funding 

*b. Market Street Dental Clinic Variance Appeal  

(1) Resolution R-5431, Affirming the Hearing Examiner Decision Approving the Market Street Dental Clinic Variance in Department of Planning and Building File No. VAR18-00070

c. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Ballot Measure 

(1) Ordinance O-4731 and its Summary, Providing for the Form of the Ballot Proposition and Specifying Certain Other Details Concerning Submission to the Qualified Electors of the City at a Special Election to be Held Therein on November 3, 2020, of a Proposition Authorizing the City to Lift the Levy Limit Established in RCW 84.55.010 in Order to Fund Fire and Emergency Medical Services, and to Acquire, Construct, Improve, Equip and/or Renovate City Fire Facilities 

(2) Ballot Measure Pro/Con Committee Appointments 


a. City Council Regional and Committee Reports
b. City Manager Reports
(1) Calendar Update




City Council
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3001 | F. 425.587.3019
Contact City Council via Our Kirkland