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Textile Recycling

ripped jeans for recyclingDid you know you can recycle torn, stained and mis-matched clothes and linens? The average person throws out 81 pounds of usable textiles a year! Instead of trashing damaged textiles, donate them for recycling. Damaged textiles can be reused as rags for painting and recycled into carpet padding and insulation. Only throw away textiles that are wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous materials.

Recycle Clothes and Linens Next to Your Cart for Free

All year, Kirkland single family residents can recycle clothing and linens next to their carts with their weekly service. All textiles, even torn and stained, are accepted. Place textiles in a tied bag labeled "textiles" and schedule pickup with Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995. Textiles recycled at the curb are processed by Goodwill.

Non-profit Northwest Centerlinks to external site offers free home pick-up of usable and worn out textiles.

Drop-Off Textile Recycling with Threadcycle

threadcycle-logoIn Kirkland, Goodwill accepts textile donations for recycling. There is also a textile dropbox at the Houghton Transfer Stationlinks to external site. All textiles, even worn out and stained, can be recycled at participating Threadcycle locations. Find more drop-off locations in the Seattle area, and get more information about the Threadcycle program, at

EnviroStars business - ECA ThriftDonate Usable Textiles to Local EnviroStars Thrift Shop
Eastside Community Aid Thrift Shoplinks to external site accepts donations of clean, resellable clothing. (Confirm that they are accepting donations during the pandemic.) The all-volunteer non-profit thrift shop is an EnviroStars green business. They support the community by granting proceeds to local non-profitslinks to external site such as Hopelink, Friends of Youth, and others.

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