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Smoke Detectors

Recycle your smoke detector for free at City Hall. City Hall is currently closed to the public. Please do not leave smoke alarms outside of City Hall. You can dispose of smoke detectors in the garbage during the pandemic.
Smoke Detector

How to Recycle Your Smoke Detectors
Although it is legal in Washington to dispose ionization detectors in the trash, Kirkland residents are encouraged to recycle it for free at City Hall's Recycling Center in the downstairs lobby. All smoke alarms are accepted.

Why recycle your smoke detectors?
Two common types of smoke detectors found in homes are ionization and photo­electric detectors. Ionization smoke detectors, the most common, contain a very small amount of radioactive material known as Americium-241. Photoelectric-type smoke detectors do not contain any radioactive material. Because of the long half-life of Americium-241, the amount of radioactive material in the smoke detector at the end of its certified useful life will be about the same as when you bought it. On your wall at home, smoke detectors presents no danger; however, when broken open in a landfill, the material can pose a health hazard.

What happens to recycled smoke detectors?
Detectors will be sent to Curie Environmental, who recycles the circuit board, properly disposes Americium-241 in a designed landfill for radioactive materials, and recycles the hard plastic case and remaining metals.

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