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Multi-family Waste Reduction Toolkit

WM logoWaste Management is the City of Kirkland’s contracted waste service and pickup provider. To make a change to your trash or recycling service, contact Waste Management Customer Service directly at 1-800-592-9995.

To start free food scrap collection service, complete our online application.

Are you a multifamily resident looking for information on what's recyclable?

Property managers have an important role in helping their residents reduce waste and recycle more. They can help educate residents about recycling standards and make recycling more accessible and convenient at their properties. This page provides guidance for property staff to set up or improve current recycling programs:

Want to improve recycling at your property? Start by evaluating the following areas:
recycling enclosure before and after

Do you have enough room for recycling? Are your recycling containers overflowing regularly?
Consider increasing your recycling service level — additional recycling is FREE in the City of Kirkland. You can call Waste Management directly to increase your service.

Are garbage and recycling containers located side by side or in the same enclosure?
When recycling bins are located next to garbage bins, residents are more likely to correctly recycle. Work with Waste Management to make these changes at your property.

The City of Kirkland has pre-approved plans for enclosure design. Properties are encouraged to contact WM or the City of Kirkland for assistance with placement of bins and enclosure construction.

Does your property need new container labels, or do you need additional recycling signs?

Clear labeling of recycling and garbage bins will help residents understand how to properly recycle. If signs have faded or you want to add additional signage, you can download signage or request laminated copies to help educate residents.

Need help teaching residents about recycling and encouraging them to participate?

Distribute Recycling Guides
Distribute recycling guidelines at least annually to residents. You can download guidelines in: 
MF recycle guide cover

Provide a Recycling Kit to Residents at Move-In
Each property has different residents and different challenges. It is helpful to start every resident with a recycling kit. The City can provide a free kit for your residents that includes: 

To request these recycling kits for your residents, enter your contact information in the form at the bottom of this page.

Troubleshooting Common Challenges

Was pickup at your property missed?
Contact Waste Managementlinks to external site at 1-800-592-9995.

Have problems with illegal dumping or difficulty with bulky items in containers?
Post signage to help educate residents:

You can also distribute this bulky item disposal flyer (pdf, 100kb) to residents:
flyer for bulky item disposal options

Understanding Kirkland's Recycling Requirements
The Kirkland Municipal Code, KMC 16.08.012 (G), states that multifamily properties must have recycling service, and must have enough capacity for recyclables. The code details that properties shall provide an equal amount of capacity for recycling and for trash. City staff can provide free on-site assistance to help properties meet this ratio.

Recycling more and reducing your trash container size can save money, because recycling is FREE in Kirkland. Read success stories of how we've helped apartments use this toolkit to reduce their garbage bills by hundreds and even thousands of dollars! For information on all container sizes available and their costs, review the 2019-20 rate sheet.

Request Resources or Staff Assistance
Please use the form below to request free resident supplies and assistance from Solid Waste staff.

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What free support or materials would you like?

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