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Food Scraps

compost poster no yard waste
Download our food scrap poster (pdf, 500kb).
Download our food scrap brochure (pdf, 800kb).

Desechos de Comida - Español / Spanishlinks to external site(pdf)
한국어 / Korean (pdf)
አማርኛ / Amhariclinks to external site(pdf)
КОМПОСТ - Русский / Russianlinks to external site(pdf)
堆肥 - 繁體中文 / Chinese (pdf)
Af Soomaali / Somalilinks to external site(pdf)
Tiếng Việt / Vietnameselinks to external site(pdf)
हिन्दी / Hindilinks to external site(pdf)

What can I put in my gray food scrap cart?
All compostable items should go in your gray food scrap cart. You can compost:
Compost Cart

  • Food scraps (including meat, bones, shells, and dairy)
  • Food-soiled paper like pizza boxes and paper napkins
  • Compostable bags like BioBags or kraft paper bags

Download our food scrap poster (pdf, 500kb) and food scrap brochure (pdf, 800kb).

Help Make Good Compost

Food Scrap BucketFree Countertop Food Scrap Pail
Do you need a container for your kitchen to collect food scraps and food-soiled paper? Email with your address and unit number to request one, and we will deliver one to your doorstep in the next few weeks.

My complex doesn't have a food scrap cart. How can I compost?

Apply to start food scrap service at your complex
Free food scrap compost service is available to all qualified apartment and condominium complexes. To sign up, get approval from your property manager or homeowners' association and complete the online application. You can also have your property manager contact us directly. Need help making the case? We can provide information or speak with your PM, email us to get help.

We have this approval process to make sure that your property gets the support it needs to start composting properly, and that enough people at the property will use it to make it worthwhile (the bin is paid for by the City). We provide personalized free tools and support to make composting a success!

How to compost if it isn't available / won't work at your property
Want to compost food scraps but it won't work at your complex? The City is offering a pilot food scrap drop-off program that allows people who live in condos and apartments to drop off their food scraps for free in gray carts at City Hall and the North Kirkland Community Center. No signup needed! Get details about how to drop off your food scraps.

Why should I compost my food scraps?

What happens to the food scraps I compost?
All the material in your gray cart goes to Cedar Grove composting facilities in Everett or Maple Valley, where it's turned into compost in a matter of weeks.  

what happens to compost

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