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recycling posterWhat can I put in our blue dumpster or cart?
In your blue recycling cart, you can recycle:
Recycle Cart

  • Clean paper (including aseptic cartons)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles, cups, tubs & jugs (screw lids back on)
  • Metal (aluminum/tin cans and scrap metal)

Download our recycling poster (pdf, 570kb). Request free laminated copies for your business at

Miscellaneous Items
Before you put it in the trash, check out King County’s What Do I Do With... website to see if items should be disposed of somewhere else.

How do I start or increase recycling service at our business?
Call Waste Management at 1 (800) 592-9995.

Why should our business recycle?

  • Kirkland businesses are required to recycle basic materials, including newspapers, mixed papers, and recyclable bottles, cans and plastic containers, under Ordinance O-4695.
  • Recycling items instead of throwing them away can save your business money because recycling is included with your trash service, up to 150% of your trash service.
  • Recycling helps the environment because items are made into new things instead of sitting unused in the landfill for a lifetime.
  • Our landfill is on pace to be filled by 2040, and once it's full we'll need to either ship our waste somewhere else or build a waste-to-energy facility that harvests energy from burning trash. This may be more expensive than our current situation.
  • Recycling is the first step to becoming a green business - see how your business can get assistance and recognition for going green through the EnviroStars program!

Do you have any tools and resources to help me get my co-workers to recycle?
Yes! Contact the Kirkland Recycling Hotline at (425) 587-3812 or for the following:

Onsite Assistance
We can come to your business location to:

  • Identify areas for improvement by looking at the items you throw away
  • Help you determine the right size of garbage and recycling dumpsters/carts to minimize your expenses
  • Present and educate employees/co-workers about what’s recyclable and what’s not

Deskside Recycling Containers
To make recycling convenient, we are happy to provide businesses up to 10 free deskside recycling containers that employees can place near their workspace.

Outreach Materials
Our free recycling resources make it easy to figure out what can be recycled and how to dispose of items properly.

Drop-Off Recycling Options for Small Businesses in Kirkland
For some items that can't go in your business' recycling, special recycling programs allow you to recycle items that are unable to be sorted at the recycling facility.

What happens to our business' recycling?
Recyclables go to the Cascade Recycling Center in Woodinville where they are sorted and eventually sold to be made into new products.

sorting paper for recycling

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