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Waste Management

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Waste Management
2019-2020 garbage rates (pdf, 200kb)
Recycling is included with garbage service. The standard for Kirkland businesses is to have equal garbage and recycling capacity. Call to increase your recycling container size or add more pickups for free!

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Businesses are a large part of our Kirkland community. We provide a variety of recycling services and programs to help reduce waste and promote recycling in the workplace.

If you are a resident, check out our Single Family and Multi-family sections.

Services for Kirkland Businesses
Learn about the available services and how to use them.

New Commercial Recycling Ordinance Requires Equal Recycling Capacity
With the passage of Ordinance O-4695 by the Kirkland City Council in July 2019, Kirkland commercial customers are now required to have recycling service and have as much capacity for recycling as they do for trash. Wherever possible, trash and recycling receptacles should be located directly next to each other. At a minimum businesses should collect and recycle newspapers, mixed papers, and recyclable bottles, cans and plastic containers.

Over the next several months Solid Waste Division staff will be assisting businesses who need help to meet the new standards. Recycling is included with trash service in through the City’s contract with Waste Management at no extra cost. Kirkland also offers businesses free on-site assistance, deskside recycling containers, and outreach materials. The new ordinance does not restrict businesses from getting recycling service through a service provider of their own choosing, pursuant to State law.

envirostars-logoBecome an EnviroStars Green Business
​Kirkland businesses that operate sustainably can be recognized through regional green business program EnviroStars. Through the program, your business can get help going green, from improving your recycling to upgrading your lighting and properly handling your hazardous waste.


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