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Managing Drainage Around Your Property

Identify Problems

Drainage problems can cause significant damage to your home, property and the City of Kirkland storm drain system. It is important to identify and correct drainage problems when they occur. Before starting any drainage improvements, fully identify all parts of your current drainage system. Create a detailed map of your property, showing all impervious surfaces and drainage features. Kirkland’s Public Works Department can provide plans of the City’s storm drainage system in your area, which you could use to determine how your current system is connected to the City’s system and for the installation of additional components.

Prevent Drainage Problems

  • Consider concrete alternatives when planning new patios, paths or driveways. Use gravel, paving blocks, porous asphalt or other permeable materials to decrease the amount of impervious surface area on your property and the amount of stormwater runoff.
  • Sweep your driveway instead of using a hose. This saves water and keeps dirt out of your drainage system.
  • Avoid the use of wood chip mulch around yard inlets or swales. The wood chips float and can be easily moved by runoff water.
  • Use caution when placing trees or shrubs. The roots may grow into underground drainage pipes disrupting your drainage system.
  • Add screens on gutters to help keep debris out of your drainage system.
  • Install a removable connection between your downspouts and roof drains. Disconnecting downspouts during cleaning will help keep debris out of your drainage system.

Drainage Solutions

There are many ways to reduce drainage problems on your property. A drainage system can be installed to divert the surface water flows. You won’t need all of the items below, but installing one or several of them can make a big difference. A drainage system can be installed to divert the stormwater flows around and away from your home. Click here (PDF) for several possible drainage structures that can be installed.

Property owners may be eligible for rebates up to $3,500 through our Yard Smart Rain Rewards program. 

Installing Solutions

As a property owner, you are responsible for the installation and maintenance of necessary drainage structures on your property. If your drainage problems seem too big for you to correct, professional help is available.

There are many contractors and engineering firms that specialize in drainage problems. Search the phone book or internet under Drainage Contractors and Engineers – Drainage.

The City of Kirkland requires homeowners to obtain building or grading permits before certain drainage projects are begun. To find out more information about permit requirements, contact the City of Kirkland’s Building Division at (425) 587-3600.

Need assistance? Call 425-587-3800 or contact us via the Our Kirkland Customer Service Portal.

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