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Surface Water Master Plan

Surface water in Kirkland is managed for public safety and for the benefit of all who fish and swim in our streams and lakes. The City has a strong connection to the water and natural environment and its Storm & Surface Water Division is a steward of these resources with goals to manage surface water and stormwater so that:

  • Flooding is reduced
  • Water quality is improved
  • Stormwater infrastructure is protected and maintained
  • Aquatic habitat conditions are improved.

The 2014 Surface Water Master Plan (SWMP) recommends priorities and projects, identified through public feedback, for the next ten years of operation of the Storm & Surface Water Division. The updated SWMP reflects: (1) the addition of public stormwater infrastructure with the annexation of Finn Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate, (2) a re-issued NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit which requires the City to take certain actions to control stormwater pollution, and (3) the need to integrate stormwater programs and projects into current City goals and interests. 

Examples of program recommendations in the SWMP include increased TV inspection of stormwater pipes to promote sound management of these assets, creation of tools to assist developers in implementing new stormwater design regulations that the City is required to adopt per the NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit, and to continue incorporation of Low Impact Development Stormwater techniques such as rain gardens and permeable pavements into neighborhoods through capital construction and education programs. The SWMP also includes recommended capital construction projects such as reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of city stormwater systems to maintain capacity and prevent flooding, installation of water quality treatment to serve existing development, and culvert replacements to improve fish passage in streams.

2014 Surface Water Master Plan:
Surface Water Master Plan Full Document (PDF - 33.6MB)
Appendices Cover and Table of Contents (PDF - 7.1MB)
Appendix A - Redevelopment Analysis (PDF - 7.7MB)
Appendix B - Public Outreach Event Summaries (PDF - 4.1MB)
Appendix C - Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Surface Water Plan (PDF - 8.5MB)
Appendix D - NPDES Gap Analysis Spreadsheet (PDF - 1MB)
Appendix E - Culvert Assessment Memorandum (PDF - 17.9MB)
Appendix F - Basin Characterization Summaries (PDF - 2.5MB)
Appendix G - Summary of Annexation Area Stream Survey (PDF - 14.5MB)
Appendix H - B-IBI Data (PDF - 1.4MB)
Appendix I - Operations and Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures (PDF - 30.4MB)
Appendix J - Stormwater Retrofit Memorandum (PDF - 5.3MB)
Appendix K - Capital Project Summaries and Planning Level Cost Estimates (PDF - 8.3MB)
Appendix L - Programmatic Project Summaries and Estimated Costs (PDF - 1.4MB)
Appendix M - Prioritization and Ranking Criteria and Prioritization Spreadsheet (PDF - 1.1MB)
Appendix N - Financial Analysis Memorandum (PDF - 2.7MB)
Appendix O - Public Comment (PDF - 1.1MB)
Appendix P - Totem Lake Stormwater Retrofit Report (16.8MB)

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