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Stormwater Grant Projects

Current Grant Projects:
  • Yard Smart Rain Rewards - This program provides technical assistance to promote and support implementation of green stormwater infrastructure retrofit strategies on private properties in Kirkland. Residential, commercial, and institutional properties located in the Forbes Creek watershed are eligible to participate in Yard Smart Rain Rewards. The City of Kirkland arranges consultations with a Yard Smart expert who helps property owners determine which retrofit options will work on the property. If the property owner pursues and installs a retrofit project on their property, a 75% rebate is provided for project costs (up to $3,500 for single-family properties, up to $7,000 for larger properties). 
  • Local Source Control Business Inspections - The City of Kirkland conducts technical assistance visits to small quantity generators of dangerous wastes, and to businesses or organizations that may directly impact human health and/or the environment.  The program offers a wide array of incentives to assist businesses in complying with regional environmental regulations, and minimizing environmental impacts.  Examples of topics reviewed during a business inspection include: proper hazardous waste designation/storage/disposal, illicit connections/discharges into the storm system, and education on spill prevention and preparedness.  For more information about this program, please contact Ryean-Marie Tuomisto at 425-587-3861.
  • Forbes Creek Watershed Retrofit Planning - This project will conduct planning for the North Rose Hill basin of the Forbes Creek Watershed to identify a suite of stormwater retrofit projects that will positively influence water quality.  The project will develop pre-design reports for three projects and a funding/program plan to insure implementation.
  • 132nd Square Park Stormwater Retrofit Project - Heavy rains and snowmelt can overwhelm the Totem Lake and Juanita Basin drainage system, resulting sometimes in flooded streets, sidewalks, and homes. The 132nd Square stormwater project aims to reduce the amount of stormwater that flows into Totem Lake, and to filter out many of the pollutants carried in the stormwater.
  • Champagne Creek Rain Garden – Most of the development in the Champagne Creek watershed occurred before stormwater controls were required.  As a result, stormwater flows have increased, and creek water quality has declined. This project includes design and construction of a rain garden to collect and treat road runoff, upstream of Champagne Creek. The project will provide water quality treatment and will provide flow control as feasible.
  • Cross Kirkland Corridor Rain Garden – The City of Kirkland is installing a demonstration rain garden on the Cross Kirkland Corridor to educate residents about stormwater and different ways to keep our waterways clean due to its high pedestrian volumes and high community engagement.  This project will direct currently untreated stormwater from a city street to a newly constructed rain garden to provide a cleaner and healthier ecosystem.
  • Construction Education and Outreach – City of Kirkland is developing on-site workshop trainings to explain and demonstrate erosion control best management practices (BMP’s) for construction site staff. Included in this project will be the development of an erosion control BMP guide, as well as the distribution of the guide to the construction audience.

Completed Grant Projects:

  • Yard Smart Rain Rewards - This program promoted low impact development stormwater retrofits on single family residences. Kirkland property owners whose homes are (1) located in the Juanita Creek Watershed, and (2) connected to the municipal stormwater system were eligible to participate in Yard Smart Rain Rewards. The City of Kirkland arranged a consultation with a Yard Smart Rain Rewards expert who determined which low impact options will work on the property and provide a report of those recommendations. If the property owner pursued and installed a LID feature, a 75% rebate was provided for construction costs (up to $4,000).
  • Totem Lake / Juanita Creek Basin Retrofit Conceptual Design - With DOE Comments (15,474KB) - Much of the Totem Lake basin was developed prior to the advent of protective stormwater controls, and as a result, stormwater runoff has degraded water quality and habitat in Juanita Creek.  The purpose of this grant was to study potential solutions that would help alleviate this issue. Two possible stormwater retrofit projects have been identified, and conceptual designs have been developed. These designs were submitted to the Department of Ecology for review. The City of Kirkland has received comments back from the Department of Ecology, and is in the process of addressing them. The final report was presented to the City Council along with a resolution to adopt the work as part of the 2014 Surface Water Master Plan on November 17, 2015.
  • Totem Lake Spill Kit Program - The goal of the Totem Lake Pollution Prevention Program is to increase awareness of stormwater pollution, and encourage spill preparedness in small to medium-sized business in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland.  Each business visited through this program received a free spill kit, a tailored spill plan with site map, and an instructional poster on how to clean up spills.  Funding for this program is through King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. For more information about this program, please contact Ryean-Marie Tuomisto at 425-587-3861.


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