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Tips for Managing Grease Waste

 1. CLEAN OUT YOUR GREASE TRAPS on a regularly scheduled basis. Traps (inside) and interceptors (outside) are limited in the amount of grease they hold.  The accumulated grease must be disposed of properly.  Please click to view a list of companies (pdf) that pump out and/or recycle your grease trap/interceptor waste.*

*This list is not meant to be all-inclusive.  The City makes no recommendations regarding private firms providing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) removal and recycling services.

2. USE YOUR TRASH CAN for food scraps rather than the pre-rinse sink. Spatulas work well for this. Solid waste can accommodate 10 percent liquid so even your gravies and other oily sauces can be sent to the dumpster. Handle solid waste wisely for health safety: secure trash bags, dump daily, and keep the dumpster lid secured.

3. "NO GREASE" signs will remind your staff not to pour used fry grease, hood-vent grease, or any other used fats and oils down the sink drain. Contrary to popular belief, adding hot water, detergent, or even commercial degreasers does not liquefy the grease long enough to escape your drains. Posting signs will remind employees to use the recycle barrel.

4. INSTALL PRE-TREATMENT if you are unable to eliminate the discharge of grease to your drain. Retention of kitchen waste in the grease traps and interceptors allows the grease to separate from the wastewater before it enters the city sewer mainline.


Pipe cleaning companies report that 95% of the problems they fix are due to grease.
Save yourself some money with a grease management plan!

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