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Neighborhood Traffic Control Program

January, 2017 Update:   After a necessary shift of resources due to the recession in 2010, the Neighborhood Traffic Control program was eliminated.  In January of 2014, however, City Council recognized the need to address continuing citizen and neighborhood concerns about traffic safety in their neighborhoods.  A halftime Traffic Control Coordinator has been authorized on a temporary basis (through December, 2018) to restore the ability to respond to complaints and concerns.  Funding to build traffic calming devices has not been restored.  The City will attempt to address concerns and mediate possible solutions in partnership with the residents without the ability to actually install traffic calming devices.

If you have a neighborhood traffic control complaint or concern, please email Kathy Robertson, Traffic Control Coordinator, or call her directly at 425.587.3870.



Go Slow!  By driving at safe speeds, you will help increase the livability of our neighborhoods. You'll be more aware of what's going on around you and you'll be able to react to unexpected events, making our streets safer.

Blue Square Bullet How the Neighborhood Traffic Control Program Works
Blue Square Bullet Traffic Calming Devices:
- Speed Humps
- Speed Cushions
- Traffic Circles
- Curb Extensions
- Chicanes
- Medians
Blue Square Bullet All-Way Stop Signs -- Not a Traffic Calming Tool!
Useful Links:
Blue Square Bullet Institute of Transportation Engineers

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