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Gettin' Around Town

Whether you live, work or play in Kirkland, there’s more than one way to get there! In addition to driving alone in a car, you can carpool, car-share, take the bus, ride the train, or get some exercise on your bike or on foot.

Food for thought: the Three “F” of Transportation Choices

Blue Square Bullet FUTURE

As you know, cars affect our children’s environment tremendously, from air and water pollution, to global warming. Going on a “driving” diet is good for you and our future.

Reducing the number of cars you own will save you big bucks in the long run. An average car costs about $5,000 -$8,000 per year to purchase, maintain, fuel and operate. If you took that money and invested it over 30 years at an average return of 8% per year, you’d have one million dollars after 30 years!

Blue Square Bullet FAIRNESS

Over one third of Americans can not drive because they are too young, too old or not physically able to drive. Heck, 100% of Americans are too young to drive for over 15 years. It’s only fair that we provide transportation options so that everyone can get around.

Blue Square Bullet FUN

Walking and biking are great exercise and simply a lot of fun!

Carpooling, vanpooling and taking the bus provide more opportunity to get to know your neighbors or spend more time with your family.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Joel Pfundt
Transportation Manager
Public Works Dept.

Here is a handy list of links to your transportation options.

Start Carpooling & Earn Rewards!

Kirkland Residents - earn vouchers you can use like cash at REI, Union 76 Gas Stations, Brown Bear Car Wash, AAA Wash, and Flexcar.

Here’s How:

  1. Register at and get a $10 voucher. You’ll instantly receive an online list of your neighbors with compatible commutes along with the emails and phone numbers. Contact them to start a regular carpool or just to know who you can call to share a ride occasionally.

  2. Start carpooling for 2 months and get $75 in vouchers.

  3. Refer friends to register at and you'll get additional $10 vouchers.

For details: 425-576-2351


Metro website
Everything you need to know about buses in King County. Current schedules, maps, news, and more.

Metro Trip Planning

  • By Phone 206 553-3000 Tell a live operator the starting and ending location of your trip, and they’ll tell you which bus to take and where and when to catch your bus. ‘Great number to have on your speed dial. Metro Online Trip Planner

  • . Plan a trip on Metro for yourself using Metro's new interactive website. Type in your starting location, destination and time of trip, and you'll instantly see which bus to take when. Multiple itineraries are provided.

Sound Transit Website
Sound Transit runs express buses (that are extra comfy), such as #540 ST Express from UW to downtown Kirkland. Check out other ST Express Bus schedules and maps, as well as Sounder Commuter Rail schedules, and news on future projects such as LINK Light Rail.

See the exact location of your bus online
BusView” provides maps showing the location of King County Metro buses updated every two minutes. Click “Get Connected and Go” to run on your computer.

Bus to the Airport
Avoid the traffic and expensive parking. Many routes available.


The most pleasant way to travel to Portland. Now more than ever, it’s the easiest way cross the border to Vancouver, BC. Check out the Northwest’s new “AMTRAK Cascades” trains.

Sound Transit Commuter Rail

Sound Transit provides daily commuter rail service between Tacoma and Downtown Seattle, with stops at Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent and Tukwila.


Bikes on Bus
Expand your biking distance by using those bus bike racks for part of your trip. 

King County Bike Map
Check out the interactive map online.


Discounted Bus Passes for Employees.
Metro sells discounted bus passes to employers. Their employees receive discounted or free bus passes while the company saves money on parking spaces, while reducing traffic.

Commute Trip Reduction
Commute Trip Reduction is a cost-effective way to help employers reduce traffic.

The Commute Trip Reduction Program tackles one of our top regional needs – mobility – creatively and with efficient use of public resources. It’s a collaborative partnership among major employers, the City of Kirkland, King County Metro, and the Washington State Department of Transportation. The goals of the program are to reduce air pollution, minimize the consumption of fossil fuels, and to better utilize our existing transportation infrastructure through employer-based programs that decrease the number of commute trips made by single occupant vehicles (SOVs).

While daily commute trips account for only 30 percent of overall trips, commute trips are the most predictable and offer the greatest number of alternatives to driving alone, particularly those made to large employment sites. CTR programs have been credited with helping employers to retain valuable employees, stimulating productivity, improving efficiency, and enhancing service delivery to customers.

In 1999, the CTR Program removed 18,500 vehicles from the state’s roadways every morning. In the Puget Sound Region, if the 12,600 vehicles removed each morning were added back to the region’s highways, the equivalent of 22.5 additional lane miles would be needed to accommodate the demand. The cost to the state to provide this additional capacity would be $36-$169 million. The program prevents 3,200 tons of air pollution each year and reduces petroleum consumption by 6.5 million gallons, saving Washington citizens $8 million each year.

While the law requires specific actions by major employers, the Commute Trip Reduction Program offers transportation information to all interested parties. This is your One-Stop Resource Center for information about transportation alternatives and transportation demand management techniques.

Public Works
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Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Operations & Maintenance
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