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Storm Drainage


All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of current standards. Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details. Please check with the Public Works Department to see which details are applicable to your project. 

Storm Drainage Index, Plan Notes & Design Criteria (PDF - 225KB)

View Policies

  • D-1, NOT USED
  • D-2, Basic and Simplified Drainage Review Requirements
  • D-3, Targeted & Full Drainage Review Requirements 
  • D-4, NOT USED
  • D-5, Required Storm Extension Prior to Connection
  • D-6, Drainage Ditch Fill-In
  • D-7, Private Maintenance Agreement and License to Enter for a Stormwater Facility   
  • D-8, Soil Information for Stormwater Development Requirements
  • D-9, Stormwater Pump System Requirements
  • D-10, Addendum to the 2016 King County Surface Water Design Manual
  • D-11, Surface Water Adjustment Process
  • D-12, Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan     
  • D-13, Wetland Hydrology Study Guidelines
  • D-14, Special Stormwater Requirement
  • D-15, Native Growth Retention Credit (NGRC) Additional Requirements
  • D-16, Recycled Concrete and Cement Treatment Use Within the City Limits
  • D-17, Condition of Storm System for Release of 2-Year Maintenance Security

View Plans

The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD. They are presented here in .pdf format for viewing and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents.  

Typical Utility Locations CK-D.01
Storm Trench CK-D.02
Field Tapping of Concrete Pipe CK-D.03
Infiltration Filter CK-D.04
Yard Drain CK-D.05
Catch Basin, Type 40 for Private Systems CK-D.05A
Cleanout CK-D.05B
Curb Inlet CK-D.06
Catch Basin, Type 1 CK-D.07
Catch Basin, Type 1-L CK-D.08
Catch Basin, Type 2. 48", 54", 60", 72", 96" CK-D.09
Type 2 Catch Basin with Oil Separator Flow Restrictor CK-D.10
Manhole / CB Frame and Grate Adjustment CK-D.11
Catch Basin Precast Cover and Extension Units CK-D.12
Vaned Grate for Catch Basin and Inlet CK-D.14
Open Curb Face Frame and Grate Detail CK-D.15
Through-Curb Inlet Frame and Grate with Vertical Curb Installation CK-D.16
Standard Frame with Curb Installation CK-D.16A
24" Manhole Frame with Locking Lid and Logo CK-D.18
Modified 24" Manhole Frame with Locking Lid CK-D.18A
Residential Sidewalk Drain CK-D.19
Rolled Curb Roof Drain Outlet CK-D.19A
Channel Drain Installation CK-D.19B
Curb Opening Discharge CK-D.19C
Lot Drain Connections CK-D.20
Drop-Conveyance Drain CK-D.20A
Basic Dispersion Trench CK-D.21
Infiltration Trench CK-D.22
Infiltration Drywell CK-D.22B
Infiltration System Testing Procedure - Options CK-D.22D
Level Spreader CK-D.23
Alternate Level Spreader CK-D.23A
Rock-Lined Shoulder Ditches CK-D.24
Grass-Lined Swale CK-D.25
Swale Seed Mix CK-D.25A
Gradient Terrace Cross-Section CK-D.26
Typical Debris Barrier CK-D.27
Typical Debris Barrier with Overflow CK-D.27A
Debris Cage CK-D.28
Energy Dissipater CK-D.29
Energy Dissipater CB CK-D.29A
Beveled End Pipe Section CK-D.30            
Typical Headwall Detail CK-D.31
Corrugated Metal Manhole CK-D.32
Detention Structure End Plate Detail CK-D.33
Detention Tank CK-D.34
Detention Vault CK-D.35
30" Access Vault CK-D.35A
Wet Vault CK-D.36
Utility Access Road Cross Section CK-D.37
Culvert Under Residential Driveway CK-D.40
Combination Inlet Frame, Grate, and Curb Box CK-D.41
Reverse Slope Sidewalk CK-D.42
Outfall Protection CK-D.43
Type I CB Debris (Bird) Cage CK-D.44
Private Type I CB with Spill Control CK-D.45


 If, for any reason, this web page does not meet your needs for geographic information or Pre-Approved Plans, these items are also available through the Public Works Department.  Please call (425) 587-3800 for more information.

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