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Sanitary Sewer

All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of current standards.  Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details.  Please check with the Public Works Department to see which details are applicable to your project.

Sanitary Sewer Plan Notes & Design Criteria (PDF-107KB)

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  • S-1, Requirements for Construction Near Lakefront Sewer Line
  • S-2, Closed Circuit Camera Requirements for Sewer Mains 

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The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD. They are presented here in .pdf format for viewing and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents. 

Sanitary Sewer Trench Detail CK-S.01
Water & Sewer Spacing and Clearance CK-S.02
Soil / Cement Pipe Anchor CK-S.04
Casing Installation CK-S.05
Sampling Tee CK-S.06
Check Valve Assembly for Joint Use Side Sewer (4"-8" Diameter) CK-S.07
Sewer Main Bypass Plug CK-S.08
Standard 48" Sanitary Sewer Manhole CK-S.09
Shallow Manhole Assembly CK-S.10
Extra Shallow Manhole Assembly CK-S.11
Sanitary Sewer Internal Drop Connection CK-S.12
Sewer Manhole Main Channel & Shelf CK-S.13
Ladder & Manhole Step CK-S.14
24" Manhole Ring & Cover CK-S.15
24" Manhole Frame With Locking Cover CK-S.16
Modified 24" Manhole Frame With Locking Cover CK-S.16A
Cleanout CK-S.17
Side Sewer Marker Post CK-S.18
Side Sewer Stub "Profile View" CK-S.19
Side Sewer stub "Plan view" CK-S.19A
Residential Side Sewer Installation CK-S.20
Single Family Sewer Lift Station Simplex Station CK-S.21
Commercial & M.F. Sewer Lift Station Duplex Station CK-S.22
100 Gallon Baffle Type Oil/Water Separator CK-S.23
450 Gallon Baffle type Oil/Water Separator CK-S.24
800 & 1000 Gallon Baffle Type Oil/Water Separator CK-S.25
Manhole Frame and Grate Adjustment CK-S.26
Paved Vehicle Service Area Drainage Detail CK-S.27
Single Family Simplex Sewer Lift Station Gravity / Force-Main Connection CK-S.28
Shallow Force Main Connection CK-S.28A

If, for any reason, this web page does not meet your needs for geographic information or Pre-Approved Plans, these items are also available through the Public Works Department.  Please call (425) 587-3800 for more information.


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