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All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of current standards. Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details. Please check with the Public Works Department to see which details are applicable to your project.

Roadway Index & Plan Notes (PDF-73KB)

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  • R-1, Driveway Paving Material for Single Family Driveways
  • R-2, Paving Private Roads Providing Access to Public Utilities
  • R-3, Guidelines for Traffic Islands
  • R-4, Driveway Policy
  • R-5, Curb Ramp Installation and Replacement Policy
  • R-6, Requirements For "No Parking" Signs in the Public Right-of-Way
  • R-7, Street Asphalt Overlay Policy
  • R-8, Placing Concrete or Asphalt in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • R-9, New Plat Road Paving Policy
  • R-10, Street Tree Selection List and Planting and Pruning Procedures
  • R-11, Replacement of Existing Curb and Sidewalk
  • R-12, Required Right of Way Dedications for Principal & Minor Arterials
  • R-13, Intersection Sight Distance
  • R-14, Neighborhood Access Street Modification & Waiver Process
  • R-15, Permitted Groundcover in Public Landscape Strip
  • R-16, Fence Requirements in Right-of-Way
  • R-17, Speed Limits
  • R-18, Permanent Radar Signs
  • R-19, Curb Painting
  • R-20, Neighborhood Traffic Control Program - Traffic Planning and Acceptance
  • R-21, Roadside Memorial Sign Program
  • R-22, Pedestrian Flag Program
  • R-23, FAQ's about Easements 
  • R-24, Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) Installation Policy
  • R-25, Use of Temporary Soil Nails
  • R-26, Development Street Lighting Standards
  • R-27, Long-Term Street Improvement Closure Policy
  • R-28, Right-of-Way Securities
  • R-29, Guidelines for Temporary Traffic Control Plan Preparation
  • R-30, Street Light Petition Policy
  • R-31, Accessible Pedestrian Signal Policy
  • R-32, Markings of On-Street Bike Lanes as Part of Resurfacing Project
  • R-33, Crosswalk Location Evaluation Study
  • R-34A, On-Street Parking
  • R-34B, On-Street Parking Impact Study
  • R-35, Guidelines for Temporary Non-Vehicle Use of Parking Stalls
  • R-36, Short Term Bicycle Parking
  • R-37, Mailbox No Parking Signs: Authorization for Property Owners


View Policies

The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD.  They are presented in .pdf format and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents.

General Utility Adjustment A.C. Pavement CK-R.02
Monument Case and Cover CK-R.03
AASHTO SU Design Vehicle 1" = 40' CK-R.04
AASHTO SU Design Vehicle 1" = 20' CK-R.05
Joint Occupancy Trenches in Residential Plats CK-R.06
Section of Longitudinal or Transverse Cut CK-R.07
Half-Street Section CK-R.08
Standard Road Cross Section CK-R.09
Standard Alley Cross Section CK-R.10
Thickened Edge Private Roadway CK-R.11
Restoration Detail and Pavement Patching CK-R.12
Butt Joint, Cold Planing and Cold Mix Ramp CK-R.13
Asphalt Overlay for Roadway Trench Repair CK-R.13A
Full Width Cold Planing Detail CK-R.13B
Edge Restoration Details CK-R.14
Typical Vehicle Cul-De-Sac Street > 200 Feet CK-R.15
Typical Vehicle Turn-Around Street < 200 Feet CK-R.16
Concrete Curb and Gutter (Type A) CK-R.17
Cement Concrete Pedestrian Curb CK-R.17A
Flat Curb and Valley Gutter CK-R.17B
Concrete Vertical Curb CK-R.17C
Grate / Rolled Curb Installation CK-R.17D
Cement Concrete (E-1, E-2, E-3, and E-4) CK-R.18
Extruded Curb CK-R.19
Median Curb CK-R.19A
Mountable Median Curb CK-R.19B
Extruded Asphalt Concrete Section CK-R.20
Driveways and Wheel Chair Ramps CK-R.21
Sidewalk Section CK-R.23
Curb Radius Standards & Curb Ramp Locations CK-R.24
Truncated Dome Textile Warning Surface CK-R.25B
Crosswalk & Stop Bar Detail CK-R.28
Crosswalk & Stop Bar Detail for Uncontrolled Approaches CK-R.28B
Lane Markers (Dimensions) CK-R.29            
Two-Way Left Turn Lane & Typical Arrow CK-R.30
Pavement Marking Detail CK-R.31
Handicap Sign & Marking CK-R.33
Bicycle Lane Markings CK-R.34
Bicycle Detection Markings CK-R.34A
Bicycle and Pedestrian Lane Markings CK-R.34B
Typical Bicycle Lane - Width, Signing, & Marking CK-R.35
Typical Buffered Bicycle Lane - Width, Signing and Marking CK-R.35A
Typical Bicycle / Pedestrian Shared Path CK-R.35B
Typical Buffered Bicycle / Pedestrian Shared Path CK-R.35C
Typical Bicycle Lane Treatment at Intersection CK-R.36
Green Bike Lane at Intersection CK-R.36A
Bike Lane Treatment at Drop Lane Right Turn CK-R.36B
Pedestrian Pole Detail CK-R.37
Transverse Bar Pavement Marking Pattern CK-R.38
Private Sidewalk & Driveway for Unimproved Right-of-Way CK-R.39
Bicycle Parking Rack CK-R.40
Standard Sign Installation CK-R.43
Street Name Sign Standard CK-R.44
Mailbox Cluster CK-R.45
Shared Lane Marking CK-R.46
CBD Street Light Standard CK-R.47
Pole Base Detail CK-R.47A
Street Light Plan Layout CK-R.47B
CBD Street Light Specifications CK-R.47C
Pedestrian Circulation in the CBD CK-R.47D
Totem Lake Neighborhood, Totem Center & NRHBD Street Light Specifications CK-R.47E
Pedestrian Circulation in Totem Lake CK-R.47F
Juanita Business District Street Light Specifications CK-R.47G
Pedestrian Circulation in Juanita Business District CK-R.47H
Juanita Business District Street Light Standard CK-R.47I
Pedestrian Circulation in NRHBD CK-R.47J
NE 85th St. Street Light Specifications CK-R.47K
NE 85th St. Street Light Detail CK-R.47L
Totem Lake Pedestrian Light Standard CK-R.47M
Totem Lake Pedestrian Light Specifications CK-R.47N
Typical Tree Planting Detail CK-R.48
Street Tree with Grate Planting Detail CK-R.48A
Tree Protection CK-R.49
Conditions Requiring Safety Railings CK-R.50
Safety Railing in Sidewalk CK-R.51
Chain Link Sidewalk Safety Rail CK-R.51A
Rockery Wall (Right-of-Way & Private Access Road Only) CK-R.52
Rockery Detail Support Bank CK-R.53
Rockery Detail Sidewalk Support CK-R.54
Ecology Block Wall CK-R.55
Timber Retaining Wall CK-R.56
Cement Concrete Steps CK-R.57
Timber Stairs CK-R.58
Timber Stairs Landing CK-R.59
Permitted Landscaping in the Public Right-of-Way CK-R.60
Bollards CK-R.61
Alternate Bollard CK-R.61A
Pedestrian Easement CK-R.62
Wood Safety Railing CK-R.63
Board Fence CK-R.64
Asphalt Section for Multipurpose & Paved Paths CK-R.65
Speed Hump Marking & Signage CK-R.67
Slotted Speed Hump Marking & Signage CK-R.67B
Equestrian Soft Trail Detail CK-R.68 

If, for any reason, this web page does not meet your needs for Pre-Approved Plans, these items are also available through the Public Works Department.  Please call (425) 587-3800 for more information.

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