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NE 85th St Improvements

85th-ceremonyUpdate (Feb. 17) -- Commuters, business-operators and residents have been enjoying the renewed 85th Street corridor since the City of Kirkland completed it in December.

Today, the community celebrated the corridor’s renewal with a speech from Mayor Amy Walen and a Washington state-shaped plaque from the Washington’s Transportation Improvement Board.

Honda of Kirkland hosted the event on its auxiliary lot.

​“This investment has paid off,” Walen said. “It’s a crucial economic district where we can shop in Kirkland and a regional connection for us to get to and from work in our neighboring cities and beyond.”

The ribbon-cutting celebrates the implementation of a vision Kirkland’s residents, businesses and city leaders first articulated more than a decade ago during the comprehensive planning process. That vision described an eastern gateway to the city, called the Rose Hill Gateway. It would feature wide sidewalks with elegant street lights and hand-rails and a boulevard-feel to the arterial. The Rose Hill Gateway, then called State Route 908, would continue to be
Kirkland’s most important connection to Redmond. But it would also connect Kirkland’s North and South Rose Hill neighborhoods.

The improvements have accomplished several other objectives, as well. With a new system of turn-lanes, traffic signals and reconfigured intersections at 114th, 124th and 132nd avenues northeast, it is improving traffic flow along the entire corridor. Its new 24-inch water main ensures that Kirkland’s residents will continue to have access to clean and safe drinking water. And its new stormwater system helps prevent flooding.

Combined, these coordinated tasks represent the most complicated and ambitious project the City of Kirkland has ever accomplished to date.

Project Overview:  The Northeast 85th Street Corridor Improvements are a direct result of a collaborative community planning effort with the Rose Hill Business District businesses, property owners, neighborhood residents, Sound Transit, and the City of Kirkland.  The improvements provide a series of coordinated streetscape facilities to minimize traffic delays; enable pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, transit riders and others to have a safe and pleasant experience; and, to develop a comprehensive transportation system to stimulate economic vitality and redevelopment.  The projects include:

Underground Powerlines: 

  • Convert aerial utility lines to underground system along Northeast 85th Street from 120th to 128th Avenue Northeast.
  • Install conduit underground for future utility conversion along Northeast 85th Street from 128th Avenue Northeast to 132nd Avenue Northeast


  • Sidewalk on both sides of 124th Avenue NE between NE 80th Street and NE 90th Street
  • Complete sidewalk on both sides of NE 85th Street between 120th Avenue NE and 132nd Avenue NE
  • Install landscape strips with trees, pedestrian lighting and street lighting on both sides of NE 85th Street


  • Add Intelligent Transportation System elements at each signalized intersection to coordinate signal timing along the corridor and create a pathway for connection to future Traffic Control Center
  • Complete:  Install additional southbound 114th Avenue NE to eastbound NE 85th Street left turn lane
  • Install channelization island for future eastbound NE 85th Street to northbound 124th Avenue NE left turn lane
  • Add northbound 132nd Avenue to eastbound NE 85th Street right turn lane
  • Re-stripe southbound to eastbound left turn lane to increase vehicle storage length

Water Main:

  • Replace the 50 year old water main along the full length of NE 85th Street from I-405 to 132nd Avenue NE. 

  Detention/Sediment Control:                       

  • Provide water quality treatment for surface water within NE 85th Street sub-basin from approximately 126th Avenue to 132nd Avenue NE

Street Resurfacing:

  • Resurface Northeast 85th Street Corridor


The planned schedule may change and will be updated regularly.
Water main installation: September 2014 - July 2015
Storm drain construction: November 2014 - July 2015
Sidewalk, curb, gutter and wall (south side): February 2015 - June 2015
Sidewalk, curb, gutter and wall (north side): June 2015 - August 2015
Street lights & traffic signals: March 2015 - September 2015
Repaving Northeast 85th Street: Fall 2015

Upgrade to intersection at 114th and 85th
124th Avenue sidewalks
Undergrounding of utility wires

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