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Juanita Drive Quick Wins

A cyclist rides north along Juanita Drive near Big Finn Hill Park in February 2016, where members of the Juanita Drive Quick Wins Project team discusses the location of a rapid flashing beacon and a crosswalk that would connect both ends of Big Finn Hill Park. This image has been modified to illustrate the shared-use lane now under construction.

The Juanita Drive Quick Wins project includes 10 major improvements:
  • Northeast 143rd Street, at Big Finn Hill Park and at 93rd Avenue Northeast.
  • A refuge left-turn pocket at Northeast 138th Place
  • Bike separation treatments at 83rd Avenue Northeast, Northeast 128th, 132nd and 138th streets.
  • A bike box at the intersection of Juanita Drive and 98th Avenue Northeast
  • Street lighting on Northeast 122nd Place
  • Lane-detection devices for automobiles along the entire corridor
  • Northbound shared-use lane along the entire corridor to the city limits
  • Sidewalk widening at north end of Old Market Trail
  • A neighborhood sign
These improvements derived from a broad community engagement process, which resulted in the Juanita Drive Corridor Study. That study identified more than 30 specific ways--estimated to cost more than $20 million--to improve Juanita Drive's safety. The Quick Wins project is the first phase of the broader corridor study.
Summer 2016: Complete design
Spring 2017: Construct rapid flashing beacons
Summer 2017: Construct phase 2 improvements

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