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124th Avenue Northeast Improvements


124th-conceptThe above image represents Kirkland's vision for 124th Avenue Northeast, south of Northeast 124th Street, as articulated in the March 2018 "Totem Lake Urban Center: Enhancement and Multimodal Transportation Network Plan." The projects summarized on this page help lay the groundwork for this plan. Click on the above image to learn more about 124th Avenue Northeast's role in that plan.  

Design only

As part of a larger effort to make Totem Lake a walkable, vibrant, and green urban center, the City of Kirkland is improving the 124th Avenue Northeast corridor between Northeast 116th Street and Northeast 124th Street. This project, along with other efforts in the area, will enhance connectivity to the Village, Totem Lake Park and other local hubs. 

Anticipated improvements along the 124th Avenue Northeast corridor will include:
Widening the roadway to five lanes
Adding amenities, including street trees and lighting
Enhancing transit stops
Widening sidewalks
Creating buffered, sidewalk-level bicycle lanes
As part of design, the project team is exploring new urban design elements, such as fencing, landscaping, and lighting to give the corridor a visual sense of identity and improve safety for walking, bicycling and driving. 
Contact: Senior Project Engineer Aparna Khanal, (425) 587-3827, 

(Between Northeast 90th and 108th streets) 
Kirkland’s contractor will complete in October the new sidewalks along the west side of Northeast 124th Avenue Northeast, between Northeast 90th and 113th streets. That will leave three sections yet to be completed—between Northeast 100th and 104th streets—by private developers. Two of those developers are already in the construction phase of those sidewalk sections. The third begins construction imminently. When complete, the sidewalk will create a continuous walkway between South Rose Hill and Totem Lake. Contact Senior Project Engineer Aparna Khanal,, (425) 587-3827.

(At Northeast 116th Street)
An effort to improve safety and traffic flow at one of Kirkland’s most challenging intersections begins by spring 2019. By summer 2019, Kirkland will have added a northbound-to-westbound left turn-lane to 124th Avenue Northeast at its intersection with Northeast 116th Street. To accommodate the new left-turn lane, Kirkland’s transportation engineers will adjust the signals’ timing. The City will also create a northbound bicycle lane along 124th Avenue Northeast. The intersection suffers from the highest collision rate in the city, according to City of Kirkland data. Left-turns cause more than half of those collisions. The additional left turn-lane will help remedy this dynamic and add more capacity for an intersection that will need to accommodate increasing traffic. Contact Project Engineer Laura Drake, (425) 587-3833,

Participate in the design process for the 124th Avenue Northeast corridor.

Spring 2018: Community members participate in 124th road improvements process by offering feedback on early design concepts
Fall 2018 - January 2020: City of Kirkland pursues grant funding for roadway improvements project
January 2019 - November 2019: Allied Construction builds sidewalk between Northeast 90 and 113th streets
March 2019 - July 2019: NPM Construction adds second left turn-lane onto Northeast 116th Street
January 2020 - December 2021: Beginning of construction window for 124th Avenue Northeast roadway improvements project

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