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Prepare in a Year

Take the Prepare in a Year Challenge!
Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere, so are you prepared?
The consequences of a disaster are largely preventable. One hour of disaster preparedness activity each month will help you be ready for disasters - wherever they occur and whatever they are.

Choose one hour each month to complete the designated task, write it on your planning calendar and make it a family activity!

Prepare In A YearComplete Booklets (PDF)

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Prepare in a Year Suggested Activities

Month 1 - Action Plan
Month 2 - Out of Area Contacts
Month 3 - Water
Month 4 - 72-Hour Comfort Kit
Month 5 - Important Documents
Month 6 - Extended Events
Month 7 - Under-the-bed-items
Month 8 - Utility Safety
Month 9 - Drop, Cover and Hold
Month 10 - Fire Safety
Month 11 - Shelter in Place
Month 12 - Home Hazard Hunt

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