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Business Preparedness

A small investment of time could go a long way towards averting a serious disruption caused by a disaster. Even the best-designed and well-maintained buildings and systems can be damaged, forcing a business closure.

Just as personal preparedness helps individuals survive a disaster, so does preparing a business. The Washington State Emergency Management Division encourages the following comprehensive business planning and preparedness action items:

Business Preparedness Diagram
  1. Assess whether the business can handle disruptions of normal operations
  2. Develop a Business Continuity Plan
  3. Promote employee preparedness
  4. Conduct a non-structural hazard assessment
  5. Develop and test evacuation and shelter-in-place plans
  6. Take steps to protect vital records
  7. Develop a communications plan to contact staff, vendors, suppliers, and media
  8. Review insurance policies annually
  9. Exercise Business Continuity plans annually
  10. Confirm vendors and suppliers have disaster response plans
  11. Collaborate with local neighborhoods, community groups and other businesses to promote disaster preparedness

Additional Resources for business preparedness

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