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Salary & Benefits

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Entry level firefighter hiring has been suspended until further notice due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The City of Kirkland Fire Department is one of the best-paid fire departments in the State of Washington. For more information, contact Kirkland Fire Department recruiting at:

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Position Level Salary
Firefighter I 74% of Base Pay
Firefighter II 77% of Base Pay
Firefighter III 83% of Base Pay
Firefighter IV 91% of Base Pay


Physical Fitness Incentive 

Employees shall be eligible for a physical fitness incentive as provided in the Kirkland Fire Department Labor Agreement.  


Longevity Pay (Monthly) 


Completed Years of Service Percentage
5 through 9 2%
10 through 11 3%
12 through 15 4%
16 through 19 5%
20 through 24 6%
25 through 29 7%
30+ years 10%


Firefighters in the field

Vacation (hours per year) 

Years of Employment Hours
1 through 2 years 144 Hours
3 through 5 years 168 Hours
6 through 9 years 204 Hours
10 through 13 years 252 Hours
14 through 17 years 270 Hours
18 through 21 years 294 Hours
22 through 24 years 306 Hours
25+ years 312 Hours



All employees on the 24-hour shift receive 120 hours off in lieu of Holidays.   




Two Kirkland firefightersLaw Enforcement Officers and Firefighters State Retirement Plan II (LEOFF II) is the current retirement system. Employees are eligible for vested retirement after 5 years of service and attainment of age 53, the amount equaling 2 percent of the final average salary for each year of service. The City's employees elected to withdraw from the Social Security system and invest in the Municipal Employee's Benefit Trust Fund (MEBT), which matches and exceeds the benefits under Social Security. Employee contributions are matched by the City. Upon retirement or separation, the employee is allowed to collect all of his/her trust fund contributions, plus the vested portion of the City's contribution. After 7 years, the employee is fully vested in the City's matching contribution.  

Here is the formula we will use to calculate your monthly benefit:  

- Service credit months ÷ 12 x 2% x Final Average Salary* = Monthly Benefit  

* Average your monthly salary from the highest-paid 60 consecutive months in which you earned service credit. Usually, this is your last 60 months of service.  

Life Insurance 

The City provides life insurance for the firefighter at a benefit of two times the firefighters base salary. 


Let's Get Started!

Fire Services
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General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3650 | F. 425.587.3671