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Hiring FAQ

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Fire Recruitment PhotoHow do I apply with your department?

Interested candidates can apply online at   

Do I have to live within a certain distance from the city?  

No. Firefighters live all over the Puget Sound Area.  

Hours of Work  

The work schedule for line personnel is two consecutive 24-hour shifts making a “48 hour set”.  Firefighters normally work their 48 hour set followed by 96 hours off with a shift starting time of 0700.     

How long is the Recruit Fire Academy and EMT class?  

All firefighters have to complete a 14 week Recruit Fire Academy followed by a 5 week EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Class. During this period you will be evaluated by different training officers and chiefs.  

Firefighter CartWhat happens if I fail a portion of the testing process?  

An applicant may re-apply through Public Safety Testing. 

How many positions are available?  

The department currently has four (4) positions available.  

When should I apply?  

You can apply anytime after you have met the minimum requirements for the position.  

Do you allow ride-alongs? 

Ride-along requests can be made by contacting 425-587-3650. Please note that once KFD has started the hiring process we cannot accept ride-alongs.  Once the hiring process is complete and a candidate list is established we re-open the ride-along program and encourage you to come and see if this is the right career field for you.  

Fire Services
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3650 | F. 425.587.3671