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Washington is home to 5 active volcanoes, which can pose a variety of risks. Kirkland is unlikely to be directly impacted by lava, pyroclastic flows, or lahars, but could still face disruption from volcanic ash.

Ash presents a significant threat because it can contaminate water supplies, damage machinery, reduce visibility, cause respiratory issues, and even cause damage to buildings.

​Before a Volcanic Eruption

  • Build an emergency kit in case ash impacts necessitate staying inside as much as possible for multiple days.
  • Pay attention to alerts and warnings if you are traveling by or visiting volcanoes. If an eruption is imminent or predicted avoid the area entirely and follow any issued evacuation instructions.

During a Volcanic Eruption

  • Remain indoors. Turn off and close ventilation systems and seal spaces around doors and windows with rags to prevent ash from entering a building.
  • Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • If you wear contact lenses, use back-up glasses or wear goggles to prevent eye irritation.
  • If you must be outside or in contact with ash, use a well-fitting, certified face mask such as an N95.
  • Follow evacuation instructions if you are near an erupting volcano. Evacuate as soon as you are able.

​After a Volcanic Eruption​

  • Clear heavy ash from flat or low-angle roofs and rain gutters. Ash can accumulate and damage or collapse roofs. Try to clear ash off of roofs while remaining on the ground as much as possible or consider hiring a professional, ash can make surfaces very slippery and can present a danger if you go onto your roof to clear it yourself.
  • Avoid driving or running vehicle engines. Ash can clog engines and damage vehicles. If you must drive, drive under 35 MPH.
  • Contact your healthcare provider if you have any respiratory issues or illnesses that are aggravated by the ash.
  • Try to stay indoors as much as possible until authorities say it is safe to go outside.


Cascades Volcano Observatory
Geologic monitoring information about volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest.

Volcano and Lahar Information
Information about local volcanic hazards from the WA Department of Natural Resources.

Ash Cleanup and Disposal
Information about cleaning up and getting rid of volcanic ash from the United States Geological Survey.

Volcano Notification Service (VNS) 
The VNS is a free service from the United States Geological Survey that sends notification emails about volcanic activity happening at US monitored volcanoes. You can customize your preferences to only receive alerts from certain volcanoes.

Fire Services
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3650 | F. 425.587.3671