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Emergency Medical Transport


Image of Kirkland Medical Aid Unit

About the Basic Life Support Transport User Fee Program

On March 1, 2011 the Kirkland Fire Department began its Basic Life Support (BLS) Transport User Fee Program. The Program was established to create a sustainable revenue source to support essential emergency medical services.  Fees from the BLS transport user fee will help cover the cost of providing emergency medical service to the Kirkland community. Without this new revenue the Fire Department would have had to reduce service levels. The user fees will be used to maintain the current level of service; future fees will be used to improve service, reduce response times, and provide greater EMS resources to the community.

Program Overview
Patients who are transported to a medical facility by the Kirkland Fire Department will be billed for the cost of the transportation in a Kirkland ambulance. Available insurance will be billed prior to billing patients whenever possible. The fee applies to patients who receive Basic Life Support (BLS) services.  Patients who receive advanced life support (ALS) services will not be billed as those services in King County are covered by the voter-approved Medic One levy.

No patient will be denied services based on his/her ability to pay or whether he/she has health insurance.  BLS transport is a standard service covered by insurance companies. 

Fee Overview
The fee is $713.22 plus $16.64 per mile. The City’s program provides for financial assistance.  * Please note that some paper forms containing out of date fee information may still be in circulation.

Billing Overview
The transported patient is ultimately responsible for the cost of the transport.   In most cases, his/her insurance company(s), including Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurance policies – will pay all or part of the charge.  Patients without insurance will be billed for the full fee but those who are unable to pay may be eligible for financial assistance.

At the time of transport, the patient will be asked to complete and sign a Billing Authorization form. 

The City’s third-party billing service, Systems Design, includes primary and secondary insurance submissions including:

• Federal – Medicare, VA & OWCP
• State – Medicaid, L&I & Crime Victims
• Private insurance
• Auto Insurance

Payment Overview
If the patient’s insurance company(s) refuses to cover the transport fee, Systems Design will help the patient demonstrate to the insurance company(s) that the transport was a medical necessity.  If the patient is unable to pay, he/she may submit an Application for Financial Assistance to Systems Design.  

View Kirkland Fire Department's Privacy Practices
Kirkland Fire Department Privacy Practices (PDF)
Authorization to Transport Form (PDF)
Notice of Financial Assistance (PDF)
Transport User Fees Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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