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Ordering Service

You can order or change service by calling Waste Management/Sno-King at 1-800-592-9995.

The City of Kirkland offers garbage service and a household recycling program for newspaper, mixed paper, cans, and bottles (both glass and plastic beverage bottles).


Monthly Cart Service
(One pickup per week)
2019 2020
One 35-gallon cart $26.70 $27.90
One 64-gallon cart $48.80 $51.00
One 96-gallon cart $73.20 $76.50
Extra 35-gallon equivalent $6.51 $6.71
Monthly Container Service - Loose (Permanent)
(One Pickup per Week)
2019 2020
1 Cubic Yard Service $96.30 $97.71
1.5 Cubic Yards $122.15 $123.94
2 Cubic Yards $147.49 $149.65
3 Cubic Yards $195.79 $198.66
4 Cubic Yards $244.56 $248.15
6 Cubic Yards $340.73 $345.73
8 Cubic Yards $436.30 $442.70
Monthly Container Service-Compacted Containers
(One Pickup per Week)
2019 2020
1 Cubic Yard Service $243.71 $247.28
1.5 Cubic Yards $338.78 $343.75
2 Cubic Yards $433.17 $439.52
3 Cubic Yards $618.98 $628.06
4 Cubic Yards $805.51 $817.32
6 Cubic Yards $1724.27 $1749.56
Roll-Off Service - Loose (Permanent) per Pickup 2019 2020
Service available for 10, 20, 25, 30, or 40 cubic yards $172.29 $179.70
Roll-Off Service - Loose (Temporary) per Pickup 2019 2020
Service available for 10, 20, 25, or 30 cubic yards $173.97 $181.45
Roll-Off Service - Compactors per Pickup 2019 2020
Service available for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 cubic yards $189.01 $197.13
Miscellaneous Service Fees (per Event) 2019 2020
Container rollouts (per container) $7.78 $7.90
Unlocking lids $2.64 $2.68
Opening Gates $4.68 $4.75
Standby Time (over 5 min.) per minute $3.53 $3.68
Additional Mileage Charge (for hauls to other sites--charge per mile) $7.03 $7.33
Return Trips $41.96 $42.57
Carry-Out Service (per container) $4.68 $4.75
Redelivery $59.06 $59.92
Extra Cart Service (35-gallon equiv.) $6.51 $6.71
Extra Uncompacted Cubic Yard $26.11 $26.49
Steam Cleaning (per yard) $27.96 $28.37

A City of Kirkland utility tax of 10.5 percent is added to all solid waste service fees and is listed separately on your bi-monthly utility bill. KMC 5.08.050

King County Board of Health requires hazardous waste fees from every solid waste account (Code of the King County Board of Health 2.08.090, RCW 70.05.060 and RCW 70.105.220).The hazardous waste fee is based on your specific service level.  Tiered fees were implemented to more fairly reflect garbage volumes. Small (up to 96 gallons): $1.54, Medium (between 96 gallons & 10 cubic yards): $12.66, and Large (10 cubic yards or more): $48.64.
If you have questions about the Hazardous Waste Fee please contact 206-263-8899 or visit

Types of Containers

Waste Management/Sno-King provides containers for multi-family accounts. Please call them at (800) 592-9995 for additional information.

Billing Information

The City of Kirkland will send you a bill for the prior two months of service. If you have water or sewer through the City, these charges will also appear on this bill. Bills are due 30 days from the billing date. Late payments have a 10% penalty added to the balance. Any rental charges for containers will be billed separately by Waste Management/Sno-King.

Click here for further payment information.

Converting a per occurrence rate to a monthly charge.

It is considered that there are 4.3333 weeks in a month so you multiply the per-occurrence rate by 4.333.

Service Delays Due to Inclement Weather

Winter storms in Western Washington create unsafe, icy, and sometime impassable road conditions that significantly impact Waste Management’s ability to safely provide collection service. Waste Management’s highest priority is safety.  Safety is the highest priority for Waste Management’s drivers and in the communities they serve. Garbage collection is ranked annually as one of the top five most dangerous occupations in the United States.  When Waste Management’s drivers are sent out for collection, operational decision makers consider the size of the collection vehicles (averaging over 50,000 lbs), the conditions of the residential streets our drivers spend most of their time on, the stop and start nature of servicing residential streets, the strenuous physical labor, and the proximity to oncoming traffic. These factors create high risk even when the roads are clear, and even more so when the roads are covered in snow and ice. 

The contains the most up-to-date service announcements. The City and Waste Management also send out customer notifications via phone and use a variety of social media platforms, website, press releases and media advisories, if applicable.

Our goal is to notify residents the night before if it clear that service must be delayed but that’s not always possible. If the Waste Management operations team is going to evaluate road conditions in the morning, the notification cannot be performed the evening before but will be made available as soon as possible the next day.

In the event of a missed collection due to unsafe weather and road conditions, the Waste Management and City service interruption policy is to collect double loads of all materials at no additional charge on your next regular service day when the weather improves and service resumes. This is an industry standard protocol throughout the region. No credit is provided for postponed service because service is eventually provided in full when all accumulated materials are collected and Waste Management incurs costs related to collection and management of the material. 


Collection service is provided on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.  If you regular service day fall on or after one of these holidays, the your collection day will be pushed forward by one day for that week.  For example, if your regular service day falls on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) then your collection day will be on Friday.  Friday customers will receive service on Saturday.

Finance and Administration
Street Address: 123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033
Mailing Address: Utility Billing
P.O. Box 3865, Seattle, Washington 98124-3865

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3001 | F. 425.587.3019