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Love of Kirkland Project Ideas

Project Ideas

Project # Description Votes
1 & 14 Cross Kirkland Corridor Event (21 Votes)
Project 1: Food tasting/bake sale on the CKC to benefit Cultural Arts Commission for neighborhood arts projects and events.
Project 14: Meets & Eats on the CKC!
- Progressive bites & sips along the trail
- Every neighborhood has a stop
- Music & fun along the way
- Meet your neighbors. Make new friends!
7 Cross Kirkland Corridor Event (17 Votes)
Option A: Align with National Trails Day June 3
Option B: Summer Solstice "Walk the Night"
- Engage mini "block parties" possibly at key points along the trail
- Business sponsor food/beverages
17 Play in the rain pilot project 16
5 Kirkland Welcomes All (Glad you're here)
- Follow-up to "Inclusive cities" proclamation
- Series of banners that have the word "Welcome" in different languages representing all the diversity in Kirkland.
- Banners are made by residents (i.e., schools, libraries, senior center, teen center, special event at City Hall).
- Traveling banners move around (i.e., flood different neighborhoods, center of town, on the trail).
- Scavenger hunt
21 Downtown car-free Sundays (i.e., summer Sundays June–August). 12
10 KANG x-ing signs (Juanita HS mascot too?). 7
16 "Flowers Across Kirkland"
- Beautify the City
- CKC/Public Spaces
- Invite individual participation
- Mild climate/grow again next year
19 Kirklandia… worth the wait.
Objective: Surprise and delight people when they are stuck in traffic on Lake Street/Lake Washington Blvd.
What is it: Signs/posts along the way, for example a mermaid with a though bubble and funny quotes that can be changed out.
- Quote example: There's a highway to hell and only a staircase to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic.
- Jokes, simple sayings, whimsical in nature.
8 Where is Kirkland wired?
Place t-shirts on a "wired" family "sculpture." The wired family might move around Kirkland. T-shirts might change.
9 Kirkland Neighborhood Olympics 5
11 Together we are whole
Geocaching/scavenger hunt "sculpture."
Cut sculpture into hundreds of pieces, invite community to recover them in our parks and assemble @ community event.
13 All Way Walk
Concepts: Safety, Visual, Community, Walkability
Install four-way colorful intersection (e.g., Lake Street & Kirkland Ave)
Stencil out; community paints
Save the free-range pedestrians
18 Dog park/off leash area at 132nd Square
- Delineate area
- Doggie waste bag dispenser
- Bench
- Signage for hours open
2 Gateway to Kirkland. Paint intersections along 85th between 132nd & 405 (think rainbow intersections in Capitol Hill as inspiration). 4
3 Harvest train on the CKC
- Submit extra food/harvest from our gardens
- Leave some food/take some food
- The rest goes to Hopelink Food Bank at the end of CKC
- Collect/Deposit stations
4 Community Mural on the CKC walls where it goes under NE 85th Street
- Mural designed and created by all 13 neighborhoods
- Center point of the CKC
- Beautify area and create community focal point
Possible phase 2 with extra funds (e.g., Google match)
- LED lighting with possible interactive component (via phone app)
15 Utility box wraps—pictures of Kirkland's history. 3
12 Community information kiosk 2
6 Little Free Libraries
Book exchange
Decorate in fun ways—have neighborhood competition?
20 Sturdy blackboards on CKC for inspirational thoughts, messages, and meetups (chalk is cheap). Collaborate with Cultural Arts Council. 0

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