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Community Sparks Grant Program

Funding that ignites Kirkland connections!
The Community Sparks Grant Program supports projects imagined and completed by Kirkland residents. These are activities that build community or enhance Kirkland as a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for all. Whether fun or beautiful, big or small, these projects help our residents express and deepen their love of Kirkland. You provide the ideas and the follow through, the City of Kirkland provides the funding.

The application process for the Community Sparks Grant Program is now closed.

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How does the Community Sparks Grant Program work?

  1. A maximum of $1,000 is available for a project or activity.
  2. Funding is available on a reimbursement basis. Once a grant has been approved, original receipts must be submitted to the City to get reimbursed.
  3. Community Sparks Grant Applications should be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the event. It is recommended that you discuss your idea with David Wolbrecht, Neighborhood Services Outreach Coordinator at 425-587-3011 before you submit an application.
  4. Funding can be used for a special event; however, the City’s special event policies and timelines apply. Applicants are responsible for obtaining all needed City permits. More information can be found on the Special Events webpage.
  5. Applications will be reviewed at the start of each month by City Manager’s Office staff. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions within two weeks. For events in the public right-of-way (roads or sidewalks) or on/in City-owned property or facilities, staff from the City’s Parks and/or Public Works Departments will be part of decision-making process.
  6. The City reserves the right to accept or deny applications for projects to ensure all neighborhoods have access to Community Sparks funding.

Community Sparks Spring GatheringHow does the City decide what projects to fund?

Funding is primarily based on the question: Will the project build community or enhance Kirkland as a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community? Community Sparks projects should also be:
  • A new or expanded event, activity, or project.
  • Open to the public.
  • Within the Kirkland City limits.
  • Including 15 or more Kirkland residents (or provide a written explanation if less are going to be involved).

Community Sparks DanceWhat types of projects and activities can be funded?

Community Sparks events can happen in an endless number of ways and among people from all backgrounds. Here’s a list of some ideas to get you started, but don’t let these limit you! The intent is to allow Kirkland residents to express their love of our city in a variety of ways. You might create a:

  • Welcoming event, for example: Welcoming America.
  • Ephemeral art installation, for example: Rain Works.
  • Kirkland Love Notes project, for example: For the Love of Cities Photo Galleries.
  • Community conversation, discussions, or dialogue.
  • Block party or social event, for example: Crossing Kirkland.
  • Emergency management neighborhood preparedness event for example: Fire Services Preparedness.
  • Litter clean up or landscape restoration event (such as an “Ivy Pulling Fest”).
  • Bike Rodeo.
  • Neighborhood bulb planting in fall with a celebration of success in spring.

Community Sparks Photo BoothWho is eligible to apply?

Community Sparks grants are open to all ages, backgrounds and skills, including:

  • Kirkland residents
  • Community groups
  • Cultural groups
  • Businesses
  • PTSAs
  • Informal groups
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Businesses

Note: The Community Sparks grants are not intended to fund political organizations or groups, school districts, municipal organizations or religious activities.

Community Sparks Music ConcertWhat can funds be used for?

  • Supplies for the event or project.
  • Food and drinks for the event.
  • Communication materials and distribution costs.
  • Translation services.
  • Facility or permit fees.
  • Temporary solid or yard waste containers.
  • Professional speakers or services.

Community Sparks Ivy PullReady to get started? Follow these steps:

1. Work with two or more people. Things to keep in mind:

  • What would your group like to accomplish?
  • What is needed to carry out the project?
  • Is there community support or interest
  • Document this work and submit an overview as part of your application.
2. Create a plan for completing your project. Things to keep in mind:
  • What steps do you need to take?
  • Are permits required?
  • How will you reach out to and involve a diverse mix of community members?
  • Document your plan and submit an overview with your application. Complete and submit the application (PDF-103 kb).
3. If your project is approved, work with City staff to get your project started.
4. Apply for needed City permits.
5. Recruit additional volunteers and reach out to new people to get them involved in your project.
6. Work with your volunteers and City staff to complete your project within six months.
7. Take pictures, have fun and connect with new people!
8. For reimbursement, please submit a reimbursement form (PDF-89 kb) along with original receipts to the City.


Please contact David Wolbrecht, Neighborhood Services Outreach Coordinator at 425-587-3011.

City Manager's Office
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
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