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Tools & Resources

There are several tools and resources that allow you to do various things, like learn about the property you are working with, calculate the appropriate size of a furnace, check the status of your permit, etc. Below are some of the most common tools and resources that Building Services wants you to know about.

Use for one-stop online development service applications, inspection scheduling, permit status information, and tip sheets for several government agencies in the Puget Sound region. Back to Top


Kirkland Maps is a public mapping portal that allows the community to access, navigate to, and query selected data layers from the citywide GIS database and other sources. Using your computer, you can easily access the city’s property information, permitting information; zoning and land use information, utility information, topographic information, and sensitive areas information. You can also create a property report, apply for permits, pay utility bills, and print out maps. For more information about this application or for additional maps, go to Maps.Kirklandwa.Gov. Back to Top

WSU Extension Energy Program

The folks at the WSU Extension Energy Program provide support to those who use the residential sections of the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC). Email or call the WSEC Residential Code Hotline at 360-956-2042 for more information.

King County GreenTools Program

The King County GreenTools program provides technical assistance, grants and hands-on training to help users create green projects efficiently and effectively. There is a "construction Recycling section on their site, and an "Incentives and Grants" section to help you save money as you help to save the landfills from construction waste. Back to Top

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency works to clean the air we breathe and protect our climate through education, incentives and enforcement. Back to Top

Make sure to visit the Development Services website to find additional tools and resources.

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