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Development Process

Development in the City of Kirkland can involve multiple City departments, such as Public Works, Planning Services, Fire & Building Services. Together, these departments are collectively referred to as Development Services. Each department has their own role in assisting you with your development goals and needs. To learn more about how all of these departments can serve you, visit the NEW! Development Services Center website.

To assist you with your new home or remodel, commercial building development, tenant improvement, or other construction project, Building Services staff will gladly help you with the following parts of the process.

Pre-Submittal Conferences | Permit Application & Routing | Plan Review | Inspections | Online Permits | Green Building | Rodent Abatement

Pre-Submittal Conferences

Pre-submittal conferences are held between those interested in developing property or applying for a development permit, and the City staff who will ultimately review the development permit. The purpose of the conference is to determine the feasibility of your project, identify potential road blocks, and review information required for a complete application. Applicable policies, codes, and standards will be identified at the conference. To schedule a pre-submittal conference, contact the Planning & Community Development Department at 425-587-3600 or

Pre-submittal conferences, though not required by Building Services, are a useful tool to find out what is necessary to make the permit process successful. Pre-submittal conferences are intended for large projects, and are not needed for single family homes. The Building, Fire, Planning and Public Works departments review your preliminary plans. Then a meeting is scheduled between representatives of these departments and you and your builder, architect, engineer or others. The process takes about three weeks. You will be required to provide a completed Pre-Submittal Conference application, or you can request a Land Use pre-submittal conference online at Back to Top

Permit Application & Routing

Plan Review

Plan review, when required, is conducted to ensure code compliance with the relevant codes as adopted by the City of Kirkland. This review ensures your project meets code requirements and is safe before construction starts. Plans examiners review your submitted plans for compliance with structural, architectural,  fire safety, energy and accessibility requirements. You can submit paper plans for review, or submit electronic plans online.

For electronic plans (applied for online), submit a revision/addition through, and for paper plans (submitted in person), use the Revisions and Additional Information Submittal form (PDF) when you:
  • Voluntarily modify the design that was submitted for review or for a project that has already been permitted; or
  • Are required to modify the originally submitted documents based on reviewer comments. Back to Top


Inspections are conducted by building and electrical inspectors to ensure compliance with approved plans, permits and code requirements.

For next day inspection requests call 1-866-458-7354 by 3 p.m. or request inspections online at by 3 p.m. for next business day inspections.

The City of Kirkland is one of 28 cities in the State that has certified electrical inspectors; most jurisdictions direct such inspections through the State Department of Labor & Industries. Back to Top

Online Permits

Online permits can be obtained at The City of Kirkland is a founding member of which is an alliance of participating cities and Snohomish County that share resources to provide online permitting and to provide consistency in the enforcement of the construction codes. ‘Over the counter’ permits can still be obtained online, and we have recently added Electronic Plan Review for many other permit types as well. Back to Top

Green Building

Free Green Building Consultations give you the chance to meet with our Green Building Team to help identify the sustainable choices that will most benefit your project (and those who live in it). Back to Top

Rodent Abatement

Rodent Abatement will be required on all Land Surface Modification projects, demolition projects, all new single family residence and single family addition projects. Please read the Rodent Abatement statement and ordinance to know what will be required. Back to Top

Construction codes and review processes are all designed to protect and enhance the quality of life in Kirkland and to promote construction safety requirements.

NOTICE: a number of these forms and documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Adobe PDF Icon Logo Tiny format. It is recommended you download Adobe Acrobat Readerlinks to external site (a free program) to view these. For more information on PDF format visit our PDF format help page.

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