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Rodent Abatement Information

Do you have a problem with rodents in your neighborhood?

Sneaky Rat

Prescribed by Kirkland Municipal Code Chapter 21.41.302(e)(2), if you apply for or receive a permit that involves demolition, land clearing or land surface modification, rodent abatement will be required prior to commencement of demolition, clearing or land surface modification activity. New single family and single family addition projects may also require rodent abatement if a rodent habitat will be disturbed in the process.

All pest control companies should be licensed and registered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). Washington pesticide law requires most businesses that commercially apply pesticides to be licensed as a Commercial Applicator. 

Check your local phone directory or online to search for Pest Control Services.

The following documents and information is provided to help with the rodent abatement process.

Rodent Abatement Declaration (PDF) To be submitted with a permit application for demolition, land clearing or land surface modification.
How to to Inspect for Rodents (PDF)
How Can I Get Rid of Rodents? (PDF)
How Do I Rodent-proof a Building? (PDF)
King County Public Health - How to Get Rid of Rats links to external site


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