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Codes & Guides

There are several documents that Building Services uses, whether they are permit applications, construction guides, checklists, building codes, etc., that are intended to assist you with the design and permitting processes. We have split these documents into two categories: Codes & Construction Guides. Please look through both categories to find what is relevant to your project.


The City of Kirkland uses the Kirkland Municipal Code. On July 1, 2016, Building Services began using a new set of codes as required by State Law (RCW 19.27). Your plans and supporting documentation must demonstrate compliance with the 2015 suite of International Codes and the 2014 edition of the Washington Cities Electrical Code. Documentation must also demonstrate compliance with both the State of Washington amendments and the City of Kirkland amendments to these codes.

For more code information, visit the Building Services Codes page.

Construction Guides

The City of Kirkland has created and provided several helpful hints, examples of plans, tips on creating quality plans for review, checklists to let you know when permits are required, how to do earthquake retrofits, checklists to let you know when plan review is required, etc., along with partnering with other jurisdictions to provide construction tip sheets, inspection checklists, and interpretations & guidelines that are hosted on the web site.

For all this and more helpful information, please visit the Building Services Construction Guides page.

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