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Transportation Commissioners Background

 Lisa A. McConnell, Central Houghton

I have been a resident of the Houghton neighborhood since 1997.  Currently the co-chair of the Central Houghton Neighborhood Association, I have also held other positions, as well as representing my neighborhood in KAN.  I have participated in our neighborhood plan update, park bond exploratory committee, and am a Green Kirkland Park Steward for Carillon Woods.  I have been a longtime advocate for the development  of a world class trail for pedestrians and bikers on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  I hope to bring an average citizen and neighborhood perspective to the Transportation Commission, as well as share information from the Commission out into the community. (Return to KTC Page) 

John PerlicNorkirk

I'm currently the Transportation Division Manager in the Parametrix Bellevue office. My professional background is in transportation planning and engineering and I've led major transit, non-motorized facility, and highway planning projects over the last 30 years. I very much enjoy the challenge of working in a highly public environment with multiple stakeholders to implement balanced transportation infrastructure solutions.

I have lived in Kirkland since 1985, and currently reside in the Norkirk area. I commend Kirkland's elected officials, staff and Commission members for their forward looking views on transportation. I look forward to working with everyone to provide safe mobility options for Kirkland residents to walk, bike, ride transit, and drive throughout the City. (Return to KTC Page)

Kurt Ahrensfeld, Highlands

I am a registered civil engineer with over 36 years of experience in the transportation consulting field, serving primarily local agencies (State, County and Cities) within the Puget Sound Region. As a Senior Project Manager in the Perteet Everett office, I have been involved in highway, transit, and non-motorized improvement projects for improving safety, mobility and capacity. These projects typically involve multiple public and regulatory agencies, numerous stakeholders and ever increasing public outreach. I find that my profession is rewarding not only for seeing projects successfully completed, but also the opportunity to work as a team and to create synergy and endorsement with stakeholders.

As a resident of Highlands for over 20 years, I have seen considerable growth and change in the greater Kirkland area and the challenges to maintain the spirit and atmosphere that is attractive to not only residents but local, national and international visitors. The growth of traffic and congestion and decreasing parking particularly downtown reinforce the need to make the community more livable and walkable. Improvements that make the city more attractive to pedestrian and bicycle traffic has the benefit of reducing the vehicular demand on limited infrastructure. I am excited by the opportunity to be part of the creation of short and long term solutions to transportation issues we face within the City.

Faith DeBolt, Finn Hill

My family moved to the Finn Hill neighborhood in Kirkland from Seattle in 2011 so that I could be closer to my office in Bellevue. We are a one car family, and I bike commute year-round and use public transportation often. We chose to buy a home in Kirkland over Bellevue because Kirkland is a more walk-able and bike-able city, full of beautiful trees and green spaces. I hope to not only keep it that way but make it even more so. I believe providing people safe, multi-modal alternatives to single-occupancy vehicle transportation is the fastest, most cost-effective way to address the growing traffic problems in our region while maintaining its natural beauty and improving the health of our citizens.

I am a board member of Kirkland Greenways, the bike-to-school coordinator at Thoreau Elementary, and I contributed to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan. I look forward to bringing the problem solving skills I practice as an engineering consultant in the energy efficiency industry to the Transportation Commission and collaborating with my fellow commissioners, city staff, the Council, and other regional stakeholders. (Return to KTC Page)

Terry Marpert, Evergreen Hill (Kingsgate)

I believe that Kirkland is a community of special places -- neighborhoods, the shoreline, downtown, Totem Lake, Juanita Beach, the Cross Kirkland Corridor and many parks and trails.  As a transportation commissioner, I want to make sure that these places are preserved, enhanced and served by a transportation system that is safe, sustainable, and offers travel choices.

From 1990 to 2012, I worked for the City of Redmond as a city planner focusing on transportation policy, development impact fees, transportation concurrency regulations and better public transit.  My work included planning the Sound Transit East Link light rail alignment between Seattle and Redmond, the Metro B-Line bus rapid transit line between Redmond and Bellevue, and the new State Route 520 Bridge connecting Redmond with Seattle.  Since then I have worked to promote economic development, and currently work as a real property specialist selling, buying and managing property for the City of Redmond.

I am a member of the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and have degrees in economics and urban planning.

Doug Jacobson, Houghton
I have been a resident of Kirkland since 1978, living in Houghton since 2003.  I am now retired.   I am a licensed Civil Engineer and have served five cities in the Puget Sound area as City Administrator and/or Public Works Director.  I have represented municipalities on study teams concerning I-405, SR 520, the Eastside Rail Corridor, King County Transit and Sound Transit.  I hope to bring my experience to the deliberations of the Transportation Commission.

I understand we can never build our way out of traffic congestion.  I will be an advocate for improvements and programs that will reduce dependency on automobiles and enhance the movement to pedestrian and bicycles around Kirkland.