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2013 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Notes for October 23, 2013
Meeting Agenda for December 4, 2013
Appendix A - Prioritization Criteria & Results - PDF 166KB
Appendix B - Project Group Fact Sheets - PDF 2.96 MB
Juanita Drive Master Plan Policy Draft Recommendations - PDF 1.74 MB
Master Plan Policy Draft - PDF 497KB

Oct 23 Meeting Agenda (pdf 103 KB)
Sep 25 Meeting Notes (pdf 103 KB)
Transportation Master Plan Goals (pdf 140 KB)

Meeting Agenda Sep 25, 2013 (PDF 103 KB)
Meeting Notes Aug 28, 2013 (PDF 101KB)
Capacity Memo Sep 20, 2013 (PDF 651KB)
Juanita Corridor Maps (PDF 2.29MB)
Juanita Drive Corridor Memo Sep 20, 2013 (PDF 21.4KB) 
Transportation Master Plan Outreach Sep 23, 2013 (PDF 239KB)

Meeting Agenda August 28, 2013

Meeting Notes June 26, 2013 
Draft CKC public outreach plan
Draft CKC public outreach plan
Draft Understanding the Corridor Report 
Draft CKC Vison & Goals
Draft CKC Guidelines & Principles 

Idea Forum July 24, 2013 (PDF 494KB)
Understanding the Corridor (PDF 491KB)

Meeting Agenda - June 26, 2013 (pdf) 
Meeting Notes - May 22, 2013 (pdf 106k) 
Draft Sound Transit 3 Interest Statement (pdf 97k) 
Selection from Vancouver Trans Plan (pdf 2428k)

Meeting Agenda May 22

Meeting Notes April 24
Walk & Roll Safety Fair Flyer(PDF 1.3 MB)

Meeting Agenda April 24
Meeting Notes March 27
Master Plan Comments

ITS Documents

Greenways Background Links

Juanita Corridor Study Memo

Meeting Agenda March 27
Meeting Notes February 27

Meeting Agenda February 27 
Meeting Notes January 23 
Memo from Planning to TC 
Comp Plan Checklist 
Comp Plan Targets 
Comp Plan Update Guide 
Comp Plan Update Work Program 
Comp Plan Update Paper 
IAP2 Spectrum 
Sample Work Program 
Transportation Master Plan Outline Chart

Meeting Agenda Jan 23
Meeting Minutes Dec 5 
Roadside Memorials Policy Draft 
Roadside Memorial Application Draft 
Table 1a Crashes by TypeTable 1b Crashes by Rate 
Table 2a No crash exp by type 
Table 2b No crash higher exposure 
Table 3a Signals by Rate 
Table 3b Signals by Exposure 
Transportation Master Plan Outline