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Transportation Commission

The Transportation Commission makes recommendations on transportation policy to the City Council. The City Council and the Commission determine the Commission's work plan and bylaws

The Commission meets every fourth Wednesday of the month in the Council Chambers at City Hall from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The public is welcome to attend! 

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Transportation Commissioners:


Transportation Commission Meeting Information:
The next meeting of the City of Kirkland Transportation Commission will be on: Wednesday, December 5, 2018.  The meeting starts at 6:00 P.M., and will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact Joel Pfundt, City of Kirkland Public Works, or call (425) 587-3865.  Thank you.

Materials for next meeting:
December 5, 2018 Meeting Agenda
October 24, 2018 Meeting Notes
Draft North Eastside Mobility Project Council Comment Letter (as of 11/30/18)            
Draft Kirkland Transit Implementation Plan   


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Past Transportation Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

October 2018 Meeting
October 24, 2018 Agenda
September 26, 2018 Meeting Notes  
North Eastside Mobility Project and the Transportation Master Plan Presentation
North Eastside Mobility Project Presentation 
North Eastside Mobility Project Supporting Materials
Proposed changes to Transit Service in the SR 520 Corridor Memo (Discussion Draft)
Kirkland Transit Implementation Plan Presentation

September 2018 Meeting
September 26, 2018 Agenda    
July 25, 2018 Meeting Notes
Draft Rose Hill and Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plans
Draft Rose Hill and Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan Presentation
Eastside Rail Corridor Update
North Eastside Mobility Project

July 2018 Meeting 
July 25, 2018 Agenda 
June 27, 2018 Meeting Notes 
Kirkland Transit Implementation Plan Update Presentation
KTIP Handout - Non-motorized project analysis map
KTIP Handout - Speed & reliability project evaluation results
Electric Assist Bike Policy Presentation

June 2018 Meeting
June 27, 2018 Agenda
May 23, 2018 Meeting Notes
I-405/NE 85th St. Interchange and Inline Station City Council Letter to Sound Transit Board     
    North Eastside Mobility Presentation
     Kirkland Transit Implementation Plan Update Presentation
     Kirkland Transportation Concurrency Presentation

May 2018 Meeting
May 23, 2018 Agenda
April 25, 2018 Meeting Notes
I-405 Project Update (NE 132nd Street Interchange)
Bike Share Update
Bike Share Presentation
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Update. Transportation Concurrency Presentation

April 2018 Meeting
April 25, 2018 Agenda
March 28, 2018 Meeting Notes  
I-405 Bus Rapid Transit / NE 85th St Inline Station and Interchange Project (April 19, 2018 Charrette (workshop) Presentation  
SR 520 Project Update Presentation  
2017-2022 Transportation Improvement Program Presentation
2017-2022 Transportation Improvement Program Map

March 2018 Meeting
 March 28, 2018 Agenda
 February 28, 2018 Meeting Notes            
 2018 Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) 
     2018 Neighborhood Safety Program Presentation
 I-405 Project (NE 85th ST Bus Rapid Transit Station) 
 2018-2019 Transportation Commission Work Plan, City Council Comment Summary and Commission Review/Response 
Revised 2018-2019 Transportation Commission Work Plan 

February 28, 2018 Meeting
February 28, 2018 Agenda
January 24, 2018 Meeting Notes
WSDOT I-405 Presentation Materials
Totem Lake Transportation Study & Enhancement Plan
Transportation Commission 2018-2019 Work Plan Summary & Review

January 2018 Meeting
Jan 24, 2018 Agenda
December 13, 2017 Meeting Notes
Kirkland Transit Implementation Plan Update
    KTIP Presentation
Neighborhood Greenways Design Guidelines
    Neighborhood Greenways Presentation
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Update
Draft Letter of Support for I-405 Express Toll Lanes
Transportation Concurrency Memo (Commissioner Deuker)

2017 Transportation Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials

2016 Transportation Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials
2015 Transportation Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials
2014 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2013 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2012 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2011 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2010 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes
2009 KTC Meeting Agendas and Minutes