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Interactive Project Map


The numbers and letters you see on this map link to project pages for private development and public infrastructure projects. The letters link to public infrastructure project pages, such as the Totem Lake Park Renovation or the Totem Lake Connector pedestrian and bicycle bridge. The numbers link to private development project pages, such as The Village at Totem Lake and Vareze’s 82-townhome project. Together, these public engineers and private developers are working toward a more walkable, vibrant and green urban center.

Totem Lake Image Map Village at Totem Lake (1) Lennar Development(2) Jefferson House Memory Care Facility (3) Athene(4) Rairdon Fiat (5) Lifebridge(6) Totem Lake Retail(7) Kingsgate Transit Oriented Development(8) Residence XII(9) Astronics (10) Willows RD Warehouse (11) Vareze Residential (12) Totem Lake Park (A) Totem Lake Gateway (C-1) Totem Lake Gateway (C-2) Totem Lake Gateway (C-3) Totem Lake Gateway (C-4) Totem Lake Connector (D) Dual Left-turn Lanes on 124th Ave NE (E) 124th Ave NE Roadway Improvements (F) Comfort Inn Modifications (G) 124th Ave NE Sidewalk (H) Bus Rapid Transit on I-405 (I) Intersection Improvements (J) I-405 Interchange (K) NE 124th Street Crosswalk Upgrade (L) Willows Road Regional Trail Connection (M) NE 116th Street Crosswalk 1 (N) NE 116th Street Crosswalks 2 (N)