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Cross Kirkland Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Report  Date

Final Report

 October, 2016

General City Information Source
City of Kirkland ST3 System Plan comment letter
 April 19, 2016
Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail and Bus Rapid Transit Draft Plan
 April, 2016
March 24 letter from Sound Transit Board (PDF)
March 24, 2016
City of Kirkland compromise letter (PDF)
March 16, 2016
 Joint Cities Comment Letter to Sound Transit (PDF)  RE: ST3 Candidate projects
Jan. 21, 2016
City of Kirkland Comment Letter to Sound Transit (PDF)  RE: ST3 Candidate Projects
Jan. 20, 2016
 Memo to the City of Kirkland from BRT Planning International (PDF)
 RE: ST3 Candidate Projects
ST3 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
“Serving Kirkland’s Mobility Needs with High Capacity Transit on I-405 and Cross Kirkland Corridor FAQ “

-Eastside Rail Corridor Interest Statement & CKC Master Plan Goals (PDF) (Insert to FAQ)

Cross Kirkland Corridor Timeline (PDF)
 (as of 11/19/15)
Sound Transit 3 (Ballot) Timeline (PDF)
 (as of 1/8/16)
Eastside Rail Corridor Interest Statement (PDF)
Adopted by Kirkland City Council April 2011

Community Presentations

January 11, 2016 - Community Update
City of Kirkland PPT slideshow ST3 candidate projects (PDF)
Supplemental FAQ: Will trail and transit fit (PDF)
Sound Transit PPT slideshow ST3 candidate projects (PDF)
Summary of participant comments and questions (PDF)
Participant questions with answers (PDF)
 Neighborhood & Business Groups

 -2012 and 2014 Budget Quadrants/Priority Services (PDF)
November 19, 2015 - Community Update

-PPT Slideshow (PDF)
-Banner Comments (PDF)
-Participant Feedback Comment Cards (PDF)
-Kirkland's Policies Relevant to the Cross Kirkland Corridor and High Capacity Transit (PDF)


City Council Updates
Date Staff Memo (PDF) Video Link Slideshow (PDF)
 1/19/16  Sound Transit 3: Comment Letters staff memo (PDF)
 Video Link
 1/5/16  Sound Transit 3 Update staff memo (PDF)
 Video Link
 Slideshow/PPT (PDF)
 11/4/15  Update on Transit Options on the CKC staff memo (PDF)  Video Link
 Slideshow/PPT (PDF)

Sound Transit Resources
Candidate Projects (ST3 Templates) Comments
 Additional Resources

Sound Transit Easement on the Eastside Rail Corridor (PDF)

 Sound Transit 3 website
Email ST3
Record of Survey - City of Kirkland Railway Corridor (PDF)

Bus Rapid Transit in Other Communities

King Country Metro - Rapid Ridelinks to external site

Eastside Rail Corridor Resources

Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Advisory Council
Web: Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Advisory Council

King County Parks Eastside Rail Corridor
Web: King County Parks: ERC 
Phone: 206-204-8801 (Direct)
Phone: 855-216-9461 (Toll Free)