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Learn about Green Building

 What is it?   Green building is making simple choices during the design and construction of your project that make it better for people
who live or work there, better for our community, and better for the Earth.

 Why do it?   Whether your project is a remodel, tenant improvement, or new construction, green building can:

•  Save money on materials and disposal fees
•  Decrease future utility bills

•  Create a healthier and more pleasant indoors

•  Protect your site and our community from 

•  Add the value of in-demand "green"  
    features to your building

Danielson Grove cottage community

 Learn How, Reap the Rewards:  It's as easy as 1-2-3 
  Green building is a new approach to construction. To learn more about the techniques and benefits of this better way of building, and to get free help greening your project, follow these simple steps.
 Step 1   Read this Introduction to Green Building 

 Step 2   Learn about Green Building Certification Programs

 Step 3   Schedule a
Free Green Building Consultation for Your Project